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Thursday, May 7, 2009

33 Weeks and 3 days

Have I given God the glory enough in this blog? If not, I would like to do that right now... This pregnancy has been so smooth and it's really against ALL odds. The odds of developing preeclampsia, diabetes, etc are so much greater in a multiple pregnancy... the odds of making it past 33 weeks with triplets - very low. The odds of getting pregnant with triplets on Clomid: .5% ... I could go on and on. God has been SO good to us! There have been no major complications, everything has fallen into place and it's looking like we're going to make it to the scheduled date! Honestly, if I just make it until my Dr. gets back, I'll be very happy.

My Dr. has been out of town this week (still is until Sunday), and I've been dealing with other on-call doctors that have been assigned to me. Because I'm getting closer and closer to the end, more and more contractions have been showing up on the monitor, but I'm still not feeling them. Since I'm not feeling them, the Drs aren't too concerned, but they've given me a new medication to try and slow down the contractions: Procardia. It's actually a heart medicine, but it does something else in your body that helps with contractions. Anyhow, I take 1 every 4 hours now. I seriously take more pills than a 90 year old woman on her death bed! Most of them are vitamin supplements, but it seems like I take a meal of pills in the morning and at night. As a matter of fact, last night I swear I had heart burn from my pills! That's pretty pathetic, huh?

Because of my contracting, the Dr. on call, Dr. Nilson, asked me to come in and see him on Tuesday. I was happy to do so, because I was feeling a little nervous about these babies being born this week. He checked my cervix and the positions of the babies and said he didn't think they were ready to be born this week. There was a little dilation and tearing in the cervix, but it wasn't anything that concerned him too bad. It did concern him enough to reduce me to "limited activity" this week, which involves only getting up to shower, go to the bathroom and fix myself something to eat. No going places anymore! :( I'm listening to him, but I think it's really all about the Dr. Some Drs. are kind of bed rest happy, whereas mine, doesn't think it does much to help. Dr. Nilson (the on-call Doc) gave me steroids shots for the babies' lung development as well. It made me feel a lot better getting these shots... I know when babies are born early, it really helps with their breathing. I had to take 4 shots in the rear...12 hours apart. Since they gave me the first at the Dr's office at 2:30 in the afternoon, I had to wake Matt up to give me a shot in the butt at 2:30 in the morning the past 2 nights! And, anyone that knows Matt well knows this is not his forte. He was like, "I have to do WHAT?" Turns out, he can do it just fine!!!

The Dr. did a quick sonogram of the babies on Tuesday and, for a moment, he switched it over to the 4D technology and I got to see 2 of the girls' faces! One was facing backward, so he just got a shot of the peach fuzz on her head for me to see. I saw some knees in the face of one and said, "oh look, she's got her little knees pulled up to her face." The Dr. said, "Those aren't hers!" Poor little things... I bet they'll be glad to get some more room soon! One of the girls looked like she was praying in there, with her hands drawn up to her face. The other looked like she had Angelina Jolie lips! I think it's a little distorted in there... because I don't know where those came from!

I don't have new updates on the sizes of the babies... they only check that thoroughly every few weeks. I can only assume and hope they've added some weight since last week!

My next scheduled appointment is Wednesday, 5/13, so I'll try to update the blog with those results. Keep praying!!!


  1. Wow, God has blessed you and the babies. I love reading your blog - I always leave with a huge smile and a happy heart :)

  2. Come on, Kami... one more update post, and then your NEXT one will be an announcement post of the girls arrival!!!! Yay!

  3. I'm so glad everything is going so well!!!

    Dr. Nilson is my doc. I loveeeeee him!!!
    I was just in there wed.

    I'm so excited for you guys!!