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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

34 Weeks

Well... I had a dr's appt today and it's looking like we're still on for surgery on 5/19! However, He checked my urine and found something (sounded like a foreign language to me) that was elevated, so he ordered some extra blood work. We should have the results from the blood work tomorrow, and if it comes back high there too, he's going to take the babies this week. His concern was preeclampsia; although, he said he doesn't think I have it and he thinks we're still on for Tuesday. I told him Tuesday was interfering with the American Idol Finals, but he said I should be able to watch from the Hospital by that time!

The babies still looked good... he checked their heartbeats, but did not measure them. So... sizes will be a surprise! Right now, it feels like their all about 10 pounds! I've been feeling a lot of pressure in the vaginal area and he said that's because there's a baby putting pressure there. He checked my cervix, and said it was soft and dilated a "fingernail's width", so wasn't concerned that anyone was coming out anytime soon. Boy, this blog is starting to get graphic further in the pregnancy, huh?!

He recommended I stay on "limited activity" this week, but said if I felt like going to celebrate this weekend, I could go to dinner or something like that. I'm just glad to have my Dr. back in town. I've kind of crossed a bridge in the last 2 weeks... I went from being not ready and wanting them to STAY IN, to being anxious and ready to GET THEM OUT!!! It's been a little uncomfortable the past 2 weeks... a lot uncomfortable the past 2 weeks.

I've had a few people give me some great scriptures that I've been meditating over and they've really been helping... please keep praying that all goes well, the babies are healthy and Matt and I are at peace. I've also been sneaking little prayers in for the babies' temperaments... I figure this triplet thing is doable if all babies are good! If you guys pray for these things as hard as you've prayed for me in my pregnancy, we should be great!!!

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  1. I am just so excited for you. I've said it before but I know it's always comforting to hear......we will be praying for you and all three of those sweet baby girls. God is in control, take comfort in that.

    Lindsay (Storms) Baker