Abby, Izzy, Ally

Monday, October 25, 2010

17 Month Update

I can't believe the girls are 17 months old! Every day, they look more and more like little girls and less like babies!

Matt won a new camera at work during a United Way Auction, so I've been inspired to take a few more photos lately! Here are some of the fun activities we've been up to:

Matt's mom bought a few new outfits for the girls - this one fits Izzy to a "T".

Abigail's shirt says "Beary Cute" (You can't see it in this pic). Even though she's fussing here, I think she looks beary cute anyway. I didn't get a pic of Ally, but her shirt says "Free Bear Hugs", which is very appropriate. Ally gives THE BEST hugs. She cuddles me often, and even pats me on the back sometimes.... so sweet.

I think Abby might be a little fashionista! She keeps taking her shirts 1/2 way off and walking around with her little shoulder out...

Ally & Izzy ready for their afternoon nap....

Abby pretending to be a pacifier baby

We're still having a little problem with Izzy biting her sisters... It probably happens 2-3 times a week. She gets in trouble and has to go to time out, which is a pack & play in the guest room, but she just can't seem to help herself when a sister steals her toys. Abby gets bitten every now and then, but it seems Ally really gets the brunt of it.
This pic is of Izzy & Ally sitting on their toy, Silly Town. This was moments before a biting incident when Ally tried to take Izzy's toy.

Izzy putting a basket on her head - Can't you just see the ornery in her eyes?

Sweet Ally - look at those eyes!

Running around our bedroom carrying daddy's HUGE shoes!!!

They sure look huge when the girls carry them around!

My mom bought the girls a new table and chairs. Here they are having a snack with their Great Papaw at their new table.

Enjoying their table...

I love this pic - Abby sitting at her daddy's feet "reading" a book.

Ally "reading" at her new table.

Ally & Izzy saying "bye bye" to their Great Mamaw and Papaw. I LOVE this pic and think I will cherish it forever!

I wasn't going to blog about this, because I'm embarassed, but it's one of those things that happened, so I might as well write it in history. A few weeks ago, I let little Abby fall off the changing table. I was mortified and so upset with myself for letting it happen, but let me explain. I was putting the girls down for their afternoon nap - I had Ally and Izzy in the holding cell (aka Ally's crib, which is next to the changing table). As I started putting Abby in her zip-up blanket and changing her diaper, Izzy bit Ally on the face! I immediately rushed to get them separated and started getting on to Izzy (I was going to put her in her own crib). That's when I heard a loud thud and crying. Poor little Abby FELL OFF THE CHANGING TABLE!!! I COMPLETELY forgot she was even in a position where she could fall! She was not hurt, it just scared her... poor lil doe. But - I felt terrible and cried most of the afternoon. When I called Matt at work to tell him about it, he was obviously more concerned with Abby's well-being than mine, so he wasn't quite the sensitive person I was needing at that time. He did however, feel bad once he thought about it a little, and brought home flowers to reassure me I'm a good mom and wife. I still felt bad, but I know it can happen to anyone... especially someone with 3 babies. That same night, Ally took a nose-dive off the arm of the couch under Matt's supervision, so, although I felt bad for Ally, I was feeling good to not be the ONLY irresponsible parent in the relationship. Boy, were we glad to put the girls to bed and get that day over with before we caused any serious damage!
I should have plenty to blog about next week... Matt's taking off a few days around Halloween, so we should have 4 days to get the girls out and about and have some fun.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We Love Fall!

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year! I've been feeling so happy lately.... filling my home with apple and pumpkin smells! It really is the simple things in life, you know? I keep telling Matt, the ONLY WAY I could be happier is if I was thin and rich, but besides that.... my cup runneth over! ;)

The girls have been a little under the weather this last week, but things are starting to look up. Last week, I walked into the nursery to get the girls up in the morning, and the smell of vomit hit me like a mack truck! Poor Abby puked in the night and who knows how long she had to sleep in it?! I never heard a thing! Poor little girl. Luckily, it was all on one side of her crib, so she had one semi-clean side to rest her head. It was DISGUSTING! I even took a pic, but it's probably not nice to subject my reading audience to it. ;) 
The next day, Ally and Izzy puked a little too and none of the girls ate very well for a few days. Now, poor Ally is having diarrhea and TERRIBLE diaper rash. Although all of this has been happening, the girls haven't acted like they feel too bad, so it's made it bearable. They'd play together and have fun, but I might have to clean up some puke. It's when they feel terrible, are clingy AND I'm cleaning up puke, that it becomes unbearable! ok... that's probably enough about puke and diarrhea... moving on!

The weekend before last, Matt and I took the girls to the park to swing and to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are a few pics from our visit:

Ally swinging

Izzy Swinging
 Left to right - Abby, Ally & Izzy

We had a Cheerio picnic and fed some to the ducks.

Abby swinging
 Abigail was a little unsure of the ducks....

Izzy really wanted to tackle them...

Good news so far about Matt's job with Dollar Thrifty. The Shareholders turned down the Hertz buy out, so it's still a profitable stand alone company (for now). So far, things are still going well for him there and we're praying that it will all work out. It's been a very good place for him to grow and advance up to this point.

As far as selling the house - we got nothing. I mentioned a while back that some people wanted it, but then had trouble getting their loan... since then, no one has shown interest. We're just making it work until God has something else in store for us. As a matter of fact, when we put the house on the market, we knew it was a possibility it could take years to sell, so we're not too discouraged.

Last weekend, we had a Yard Sale, selling all 3 infant car seats, bouncy seats, swings, TONS of clothes, etc. We had a good turn out - sold almost everything, and made over $550! The money I made is going back into the clothes fund for the girls, and I had fun doing some shopping online for new fall/winter duds, with money leftover for next season.

I've ordered the Halloween costumes, and am excited to update with pics as soon as the big day rolls around, so stay tuned!