Abby, Izzy, Ally

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update from the hospital

Ally 5/24

Abby 5/24

Izzy 5/24

The babies are still in the EOPC at St. Francis, but are doing well. They were all treated for Jaudice the past few days, and are finally off the lights and back to being content and snuggly wrapped in their blankets. Izzy and Abby are still on the verge of coming home... eating well, maintaining their temps, etc. They just need to pass the car seat tests, where they put the babies in their car seat for 90 minutes and make sure they can handle it alright. Abby didn't pass the first time, but they're trying it again tonight. I've heard talk about Izzy and Abby coming home as soon as tomorrow!

Ally is doing well too... She is almost completely off the little nasal oxygen and on room air only. She is about to get off her IV and her little feeding tube is out. She is eating less than the other girls, but eating a good amount considering the things she's been thru. I don't know when she will be able to come home, but it's looking like it will be a few days after her sisters.

They're all such good little babies... I rarely hear them fuss... the biggest issue I think I'm going to have at first is getting them to wake up long enough to eat! Of course, it is their first week of life, which can be a little tiring!

I am lucky enough to still be in the hospital too! I was supposed to get discharged on Saturday, but it's looking like it might be more like Monday. My Blood pressure is up and my feet are so swollen they look like they've had a very bad break. They are blown up like balloons! They've started me on a new IV (haven't had one since the day after surgery) and they're giving me a diuretic and some protein of some kind to get rid of the water and swelling. I pray it will work because this is getting ridiculous! They say it's normal after a c-section, but I had so much fluid in my body (extra because of triplets), it didn't know where to go after no longer being pregnant. I think this will work because I've already peed off 4 pounds in 2 hours! Seriously, I'm measuring it! I really do want to stay in the hospital as long as the girls are still here... so I'm happy to have these minor complications. Shhh... don't tell the Insurance company!

I would like it if, before they discharge the babies, they let me, Matt and the girls stay in a room called the pre-discharge room where I can stay in there and take care of the girls on my own (with a little help from a nurse). This would really help with our confidence before bringing home our preemie babies.

Matt is doing well through all of this. He has stayed with me the ENTIRE time and hasn't been home once, even though he is completely out of clothes! He went and bought some new shorts and shirt the other day, but is now wearing day-old clothes. As a matter of fact, he ran out of underwear and is now wearing my hospital issued, generic, mesh underwear! Better that than nothing, right?! He was going to go home tonight, but says he doesn't like leaving his whole family here while he goes home! Really though, this whole experience has brought us so much closer. I didn't realize we could be, but I've seen a whole new side of him and I think he has in me too. I couldn't be a more blessed woman.

Since the babies are preemies, we really can't have a lot of visitors in the near future. We're very glad so many people want to see them and get to know them, but they're going to have to put on some weight and get a little older before most of you meet them in person. I'll try to make sure I add pics/updates to the blog often to keep my friends/family informed and in the loop!

Love you guys... keep praying for us!


  1. Sounds like they are doing well!! I'm suppose to work in maternity tomorrow but if they don't need me, I may work in EOPC! Glad you're getting rid of that extra fluid!! Get some rest!

  2. Let me come get Matt's clothes and wash them and bring them back to the hospital. Seriously, I'm 15 minutes away. Just call me and I'll help w/ANYTHING. The babies are BEAUTIFUL.

  3. Thanks for the great update. I know you feel much better being there close to the girls, but we want your blood pressure DOWN! I continue to pray for all of you. Still expect you to be the Poster Family for Triplets!
    I promise I won't come to see them before you are ready but I do want to make a meal for you soon after you are home.