Abby, Izzy, Ally

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home with babies

Mom and Abby

Mamaw and Izzy

Left to right - Izzy, Abby, Ally (birth order)

I had the babies on 5/19 and all 4 of us (5 if you count Matt) came home on 5/26. I had to stay due to horrendous swelling in my feet and high blood pressure, but it worked out pretty well, because I got to stay with the babies. I think it's a world record for a mother to have triplets and get to come home with all 3! When we started the discharge process, they told us we were taking 2, but before we knew it, they were sending the other one too! They discharged us all pretty late in the evening, and we had to wait until after a feeding, so we didn't actually leave the hospital until 9 pm! You should have seen what a sight we were leaving the hospital. My mom offered to come help, but at the time, I still thought it was just two babies, so I told her to go on home. So... Matt, me, 2 nurses and a guy called a host, all caravanned out to the car! Boy, did we get some stares and comments! You could here everyone gasp as we walked by... many people said, "triplets? Oh my!" I just soaked it all in and waved from my wheel chair. I even told a few of them to pray for us!

That first night was rough! Cheryl (Matt's mom) stayed with us the first night and none of us slept a wink... we all got up with every feeding and by 8 in the morning, we were devising a plan. The babies eat at 8, 11, 2 and 5 (AM and PM)... so, we made a schedule with 2 people feeding the babies per feeding and the 3rd person sleeping a stretch. We actually made a schedule with 4 - four hour shifts to ensure all of the feedings are met: 8-noon, 2pm-6pm, 8pm-midnight and 2am-6am. This way, you feed a baby at the beginning of your shift and the end of your shift. We've recruited a handful of volunteers to help with a few feedings, which should help mommy, daddy and both grandmas have a small reprieve. I made a 3 week schedule (thru June 17th) for now. I call it the "I will survive" schedule. We've asked only a few people beyond family to help, because we need to keep the circle pretty small for now. The babies are so fragile and their health in these few weeks as preemies is vital to their growth. We've read, watched videos and talked to nurses until we're blue in the face... so we've become a little more particular than we ever thought we would be. I'll be so happy when we'll be able to take them in public and show them off. Also, soon, we'll add more volunteers to the schedule and make the circle a little bigger. Believe me, raising these girls is going to take a village!!!

Needless to say, I've been a little emotional... I brought 3 babies home with me, I'm still in a lot of pain (not taking prescription pain meds because I gotta take care of babies), I'm sleep deprived and extremely hormonal. This makes for a very volatile situation!!! Just ask Matt.... I cried at the drop of a hat yesterday! It was our 4 year anniversary and both of us forgot all about it until his parents reminded us. Also, working on the schedule, I realized, not only will my life never be the same, I will see Matt less and less for the next few months. Most of the time, when he comes home, I'll need to be sleeping and getting ready for my 2 and 5 am shifts! Ugh.. it's going to be a rough few months. Matt and I have discussed how we're going to try not to be robotic about taking care of them and try to enjoy our time with them. We know this is just a phase and it will get easier... their only this age once.

Two of the girls: Izzy and Ally look a lot alike... we keep talking about painting a toe nail to make sure we don't mistake them, but we think we can tell them apart. I really do think I can, but that's not something you'd want to mess up! Abby has lots of dark hair and has different facial features, so she's not a problem! I've posted some close-up shots and bumble bee pics we took this afternoon. All babies seem to have excellent temperments and are sticking to their schedule really well. They wake up to eat, get their diaper changed and then go back to sleep until the next time. The only problem we're having is keeping them awake long enough to eat or spitting up.

Keep praying for us... we still need it!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update from the hospital

Ally 5/24

Abby 5/24

Izzy 5/24

The babies are still in the EOPC at St. Francis, but are doing well. They were all treated for Jaudice the past few days, and are finally off the lights and back to being content and snuggly wrapped in their blankets. Izzy and Abby are still on the verge of coming home... eating well, maintaining their temps, etc. They just need to pass the car seat tests, where they put the babies in their car seat for 90 minutes and make sure they can handle it alright. Abby didn't pass the first time, but they're trying it again tonight. I've heard talk about Izzy and Abby coming home as soon as tomorrow!

Ally is doing well too... She is almost completely off the little nasal oxygen and on room air only. She is about to get off her IV and her little feeding tube is out. She is eating less than the other girls, but eating a good amount considering the things she's been thru. I don't know when she will be able to come home, but it's looking like it will be a few days after her sisters.

They're all such good little babies... I rarely hear them fuss... the biggest issue I think I'm going to have at first is getting them to wake up long enough to eat! Of course, it is their first week of life, which can be a little tiring!

I am lucky enough to still be in the hospital too! I was supposed to get discharged on Saturday, but it's looking like it might be more like Monday. My Blood pressure is up and my feet are so swollen they look like they've had a very bad break. They are blown up like balloons! They've started me on a new IV (haven't had one since the day after surgery) and they're giving me a diuretic and some protein of some kind to get rid of the water and swelling. I pray it will work because this is getting ridiculous! They say it's normal after a c-section, but I had so much fluid in my body (extra because of triplets), it didn't know where to go after no longer being pregnant. I think this will work because I've already peed off 4 pounds in 2 hours! Seriously, I'm measuring it! I really do want to stay in the hospital as long as the girls are still here... so I'm happy to have these minor complications. Shhh... don't tell the Insurance company!

I would like it if, before they discharge the babies, they let me, Matt and the girls stay in a room called the pre-discharge room where I can stay in there and take care of the girls on my own (with a little help from a nurse). This would really help with our confidence before bringing home our preemie babies.

Matt is doing well through all of this. He has stayed with me the ENTIRE time and hasn't been home once, even though he is completely out of clothes! He went and bought some new shorts and shirt the other day, but is now wearing day-old clothes. As a matter of fact, he ran out of underwear and is now wearing my hospital issued, generic, mesh underwear! Better that than nothing, right?! He was going to go home tonight, but says he doesn't like leaving his whole family here while he goes home! Really though, this whole experience has brought us so much closer. I didn't realize we could be, but I've seen a whole new side of him and I think he has in me too. I couldn't be a more blessed woman.

Since the babies are preemies, we really can't have a lot of visitors in the near future. We're very glad so many people want to see them and get to know them, but they're going to have to put on some weight and get a little older before most of you meet them in person. I'll try to make sure I add pics/updates to the blog often to keep my friends/family informed and in the loop!

Love you guys... keep praying for us!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Izzy and Abby



Izzy, Abby, Ally

The hospital took these pics of the girls last night...all are doing well.

Izzy and Abby are next to each other in the NICU. They're both doing about the same, even though Abby was the largest baby and Izzy was the smallest. They're both taking bottles and sleeping well; However, they are spitting up more than the dr. would like. We just found out this afternoon that all 3 babies have jaundice. So... now they're all hanging out under bright lamps with little sunglasses on.

Ally is healthy and is doing fine. She is closer to the other two girls, and is now within a few feet (kind of like a triangle). Ally is on a little oxygen under her nose and still has an IV and feeding tube. She's taken a few bottles with a nipple, but we're finding she doesn't like to be pushed... just wants to do it at her own timing. She will be fine, but it would be nice to continue to pray for the health and comfort of the babies.

I am very tired... I keep being drawn to the NICU when I should be resting and have had trouble sleeping the past few nights... going to take a little nap right now. I'll update more later. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom and Ally meet for the first time...

Mom and Izzy meet for the first time...

Mom and Abby meet for the first time...

Isabelle Rae (Pictured above and below), 4lb. 9oz. Born first at 12:38 PM. Izzy is the smallest, but is holding her own just fine!

Allison Michelle (Pictured below), 5 lb. 1 oz. Born 3rd - swallowed some fluid while waiting to be born after her sisters. Is needing extra oxygen and being fed by feeding tube. Also, is breathing too fast. She has a few hurdles to overcome, but is making progress. The redness on her chin is from the tape that was holding her mask on.

Martin Babies are here!!

Daddy and Abby - Abigail Haley, weighed 5 lb, 5 oz and was born 2nd at 12:38 pm. Abby is the only one with dark hair. She's very content - sleeping and eating well.

Ally with the tubes - these have been removed and she now has a little one in her nose.

Monday, May 18, 2009

34 Weeks and 6 days

Tomorrow is the big day... 35 weeks! The surgery is scheduled, my bag is packed and I'm ready!! I'm actually finally ready to meet these little girls! I'm filled with emotion and excitement, so I thought I'd blog about it!

My best friends, Andrew and Courtney just had their first baby at 1:15 this morning. When I saw them in the hospital and saw the pics of the baby I was overwhelmed with joy for them and, getting lost in the moment, thought "I want that". Then, I realized: I get it!!! I'll have that times three in less than 24 hours!!! God is so good! It is just amazing to me as I look back over this pregnancy journey. Andrew and Courtney knew they were pregnant for a few weeks before they told anyone... they knew Matt and I had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years, so they were a little hesitant to tell us, but decided they would take us to lunch after church and break the news. Well... at the same time, we knew we were pregnant too and decided to tell them at that very same lunch. As a matter of fact, Andrew saw me crying in church that day (he's our pastor, by the way)and told Courtney: "I don't think this is such a good day to tell them, I think she's having a bad day." It was really tears of joy, of course. When Matt and I told them the news first, they were in disbelief and after they broke their news, there was a lot of shouting and laughing! Since that moment we found out we were having more than one, and got to break more news to them where more shouting and laughing happened! And here we are... having the babies oen day apart! It's just amazing how God works.

Another thing... in the 2 years Matt and I tried to get pregnant, we did a lot of praying. I would get on my knees with my face on the floor and beg God for children. Even when I thought we might be infertile, I never asked for just one. I always knew I was meant to have more! I am just amazed at God's faithfulness! Now, I know more about God's timing than ever before. So many things have fallen into place for us to have these babies at this time in our lives.

I will be having the babies at St. Francis in Tulsa. I believe the surgery is scheduled for noon. I think, given that I'll be drowsy and ready to spend time with my family and new babies, it would be best to wait until Wed, Thurs or Fri to come visit if you were planning to. Also, the vain part of me doesn't want to be stammering and drooling for an audience!

I am hoping to take our laptop to the hospital so we can post pics of the babies on the blog as soon as possible! I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the support we've been given in this pregnancy... love you guys!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

34 Weeks

Well... I had a dr's appt today and it's looking like we're still on for surgery on 5/19! However, He checked my urine and found something (sounded like a foreign language to me) that was elevated, so he ordered some extra blood work. We should have the results from the blood work tomorrow, and if it comes back high there too, he's going to take the babies this week. His concern was preeclampsia; although, he said he doesn't think I have it and he thinks we're still on for Tuesday. I told him Tuesday was interfering with the American Idol Finals, but he said I should be able to watch from the Hospital by that time!

The babies still looked good... he checked their heartbeats, but did not measure them. So... sizes will be a surprise! Right now, it feels like their all about 10 pounds! I've been feeling a lot of pressure in the vaginal area and he said that's because there's a baby putting pressure there. He checked my cervix, and said it was soft and dilated a "fingernail's width", so wasn't concerned that anyone was coming out anytime soon. Boy, this blog is starting to get graphic further in the pregnancy, huh?!

He recommended I stay on "limited activity" this week, but said if I felt like going to celebrate this weekend, I could go to dinner or something like that. I'm just glad to have my Dr. back in town. I've kind of crossed a bridge in the last 2 weeks... I went from being not ready and wanting them to STAY IN, to being anxious and ready to GET THEM OUT!!! It's been a little uncomfortable the past 2 weeks... a lot uncomfortable the past 2 weeks.

I've had a few people give me some great scriptures that I've been meditating over and they've really been helping... please keep praying that all goes well, the babies are healthy and Matt and I are at peace. I've also been sneaking little prayers in for the babies' temperaments... I figure this triplet thing is doable if all babies are good! If you guys pray for these things as hard as you've prayed for me in my pregnancy, we should be great!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

33 Weeks and 3 days

Have I given God the glory enough in this blog? If not, I would like to do that right now... This pregnancy has been so smooth and it's really against ALL odds. The odds of developing preeclampsia, diabetes, etc are so much greater in a multiple pregnancy... the odds of making it past 33 weeks with triplets - very low. The odds of getting pregnant with triplets on Clomid: .5% ... I could go on and on. God has been SO good to us! There have been no major complications, everything has fallen into place and it's looking like we're going to make it to the scheduled date! Honestly, if I just make it until my Dr. gets back, I'll be very happy.

My Dr. has been out of town this week (still is until Sunday), and I've been dealing with other on-call doctors that have been assigned to me. Because I'm getting closer and closer to the end, more and more contractions have been showing up on the monitor, but I'm still not feeling them. Since I'm not feeling them, the Drs aren't too concerned, but they've given me a new medication to try and slow down the contractions: Procardia. It's actually a heart medicine, but it does something else in your body that helps with contractions. Anyhow, I take 1 every 4 hours now. I seriously take more pills than a 90 year old woman on her death bed! Most of them are vitamin supplements, but it seems like I take a meal of pills in the morning and at night. As a matter of fact, last night I swear I had heart burn from my pills! That's pretty pathetic, huh?

Because of my contracting, the Dr. on call, Dr. Nilson, asked me to come in and see him on Tuesday. I was happy to do so, because I was feeling a little nervous about these babies being born this week. He checked my cervix and the positions of the babies and said he didn't think they were ready to be born this week. There was a little dilation and tearing in the cervix, but it wasn't anything that concerned him too bad. It did concern him enough to reduce me to "limited activity" this week, which involves only getting up to shower, go to the bathroom and fix myself something to eat. No going places anymore! :( I'm listening to him, but I think it's really all about the Dr. Some Drs. are kind of bed rest happy, whereas mine, doesn't think it does much to help. Dr. Nilson (the on-call Doc) gave me steroids shots for the babies' lung development as well. It made me feel a lot better getting these shots... I know when babies are born early, it really helps with their breathing. I had to take 4 shots in the rear...12 hours apart. Since they gave me the first at the Dr's office at 2:30 in the afternoon, I had to wake Matt up to give me a shot in the butt at 2:30 in the morning the past 2 nights! And, anyone that knows Matt well knows this is not his forte. He was like, "I have to do WHAT?" Turns out, he can do it just fine!!!

The Dr. did a quick sonogram of the babies on Tuesday and, for a moment, he switched it over to the 4D technology and I got to see 2 of the girls' faces! One was facing backward, so he just got a shot of the peach fuzz on her head for me to see. I saw some knees in the face of one and said, "oh look, she's got her little knees pulled up to her face." The Dr. said, "Those aren't hers!" Poor little things... I bet they'll be glad to get some more room soon! One of the girls looked like she was praying in there, with her hands drawn up to her face. The other looked like she had Angelina Jolie lips! I think it's a little distorted in there... because I don't know where those came from!

I don't have new updates on the sizes of the babies... they only check that thoroughly every few weeks. I can only assume and hope they've added some weight since last week!

My next scheduled appointment is Wednesday, 5/13, so I'll try to update the blog with those results. Keep praying!!!