Abby, Izzy, Ally

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10 Months!

Man! Time really gets away from me... before I started my post, I was thinking... "now, how old are the girls?!" I had no idea the 10 month mark is tomorrow!!! Right now, the girls are napping while I sit outside and enjoy the nice weather as I type. I've definitely been feeling a little spring fever lately... and have really been chomping at the bit to get OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! I've taken the girls on a few walks, and even loaded them up by myself and went for a drive yesterday... It's a lot of work, but sometimes you do what you have to in order to remain sane!!! I have a triple stroller, but it is as long as a train, and attracts A LOT of attention, so I took the double stroller and strapped one baby on the front of me in the baby bjorn. I know what you're thinking, I'm sure that attracted enough attention too! We walked over to mamaw and papa's house and they cracked up when they saw us!

Some BIG news in our family right now is we've got our house up for sale! We listed it last Saturday and are excited about what God has in store for us. We've been so blessed to have everyone help to make this house big enough for our big baby bomb that hit last May, but the fact is, it's just not big enough! We're very cramped with 3 of everything EVERYWHERE, and with our car about to be paid off and some equity in this house, we feel this is the right thing to do. Please keep us in your prayers as we look for the right house and hopefully sell this one for the asking price.

A few weeks ago, Matt and I decided to take the girls out to a restaurant by ourselves. Though we practically inhaled our food, and definitley got a lot of attention, the girls did well. It was a little nerve racking, but when we were done, I was so excited... it was a big accomplishment to me.

I went to the gynecologist a couple of weeks ago... this was the first time I saw her since she prescribed the clomid (fertility drug) almost 2 years ago. I wanted her as my OB, but she wasn't taking new patients, so I had to go to someone else in her practice for my initial pregnancy appointment. He's the one that discovered the triplets and referred me to a specialist. So, she didn't know what her presciption had done to me! :) She came in the room, having just read my chart, with her mouth wide open! She apologized all over the place and said in all the years she practiced, she'd never seen triplets from clomid. She said she's seen twins... (which she initially talked to me about the 6% chance), but never said triplets. She asked if I was mad at her, but I told her I know it was God, and this is what His plan was for us. You could see she was still in shock. I brought Izzy with me to the appointment, so she got to meet one of them. Matt's mom watched the other two while I was at the appointment. Although she would watch all three, sometimes it's nice to get out with one and act like a "normal" mom. It's fun to show off your baby and it's good for the babies too.

The girls are as busy as ever... here's a snapshot of what they're doing:

Izzy is very close to walking. She is walking around stuff and sometimes she lets go completely. She's clapping her little hands and saying more sounds. We've sung a little diddy to her for months that goes, "clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap your hands"... (while we clap their hands). The other morning, without my prompting, she clapped her hands while she said, "ap, ap, ap, ap". It was ADORABLE! I just wished I had a witness there to confirm that I wasn't making something out of nothing.

Abby is pulling up! She's still pretty unsturdy, but is doing it, nonetheless! She is also crawling now, like the other two. Abby is also clapping and saying more sounds. She's going through a phase where she wants to be held a lot, and it is wearing on my nerves a bit, but I'm really hoping it's just a phase. Since she's pulling up more, she has more injuries as well... bonked her little eye pretty good the other day, but I suppose it comes with the territory.

Ally is pretty much caught up with Izzy. Now, she and Izzy are two little partners in crime all the time. One funny thing: none of the babies understand the concept of going around something or someone, so it's funny to watch them bulldoze each other all the time. Ally has the most teeth at this point, 2 on bottom and 2 on top... still very little hair though! A few evenings ago, Matt was working in the garden, and I stuck my head out for a few minutes to chat. I had just changed the girls' diapers and didn't put their pants back on. When I came back inside, Izzy and Ally were giggling and playing with Ally's diaper... which was no longer on her body! Ugh! So glad it was a clean diaper!!!

All of the girls are eating more solids. I still feed them their baby food, but supplement with cheerios, green beans, yogurt melts, peas, etc. More for experience than nutrition. Abby and Izzy are drinking from sippy cups every now and then, but still take bottles most of the time. Ally just gnaws on the sippy cup. All of the babies say momommom, dadadad, bababa, etc.

Here are some recent pics:

Left the newspaper on the couch and found the girls ripping it to shreds...

Ally chewing on daddy's work badge

Izzer wizzer

Abby taking a bath

Two weeks worth of baby food - aka a MOUNTAIN of baby food. Yes, I wanted to make their food, no it didn't work for me.

Ally in cubs outfit

Abby in cubs

Abby, Izzy and Ally