Abby, Izzy, Ally

Monday, April 4, 2011

Great News!

God is SOOOO Good! I'm so excited to say, We have accepted an offer on our house and have made an offer on another house, which has also been accepted! They are set to close on the same day in late May.

We have had our eye on this 4-bedroom 3-full bath, 2500 sq foot house for a little over a month now. It needs a few updates, but the bones and layout of the house are like it was built for our family! As a matter of fact, all 3 bathrooms have double sinks! Someday, each girl will have their own mirror/sink space as they're getting ready for school. It has a HUGE living room and a nice, big kitchen and dining room, as well as big bedrooms. Oh yeah... it also has a POOL, covered patio and deck in the backyard! To me, the backyard just looks like a party waiting to happen! We wanted the house, but it was a little higher price than we wanted to spend (at the top of our range, especially since it needs quite a few updates, though it's only 11 years old). The house just happened to be repossessed by the bank, so we were planning on making a low offer once we got an offer on our house. Well... my realtor called me last week (out of breath) and said, "Kami, they just dropped that house by another $15,000... it's going to go fast, If you want it, you better put in an offer!" We were already preapproved and had a couple pretty interested in our current house, so we decided to take the leap of faith and go for it. At one point we thought we were in a bidding war over the house, but as it turns out, we got our offer in first and the bank accepted it, so WE GOT THE HOUSE!!! And would you believe, the VERY SAME DAY, we got an offer on our house!? So, after having our house on the market for a year, we sold it and bought another in ONE very busy day!!! Isn't God amazing?! I just know it took us this long to sell our house, because God wanted us to have this specific house for our little family! I keep listening to Miranda Lambert's song, "The House That Built Me", because this is the house our little girls will grow up in and create tons of memories!

As for the girls, they're just doing wonderful. They're talking SO much and are so smart!The other day, I sneezed and Ally said, "Bess you, mommy!" I just started cracking up. Now, Abby blesses herself everytime she sneezes too. They are SO their daddy's daughters too, because everytime one of them toots or burps they just laugh and laugh. They think it's the funniest thing ever! I'm trying to teach them some manners, so they now say "scuse me" after giggling at their burp! :)

In my last post, I mentioned that the girls had stopped climbing out of their cribs, but of course the next day, Izzy escaped like 5 times during nap, so we had to make some changes. Matt's dad came over that night, and we basically took the platforms out of Izzy and Ally's beds. So the mattresses are on the floor, but the crib is still all around it like a little cage! This should work for a little while longer until I think they'll actually stay in toddler beds. I think once we get in the new house and they get comfortable in their own rooms, I can probably try the toddler beds (right now they're all in the same room, and I know they'll stay up and play all night if not in cribs). Abby's bed did not need to be changed because we know lil doe won't try to escape since she's afraid of her own shadow.

The girls LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance, and they do it all the time! They have a book with all kinds of nursery rhyme songs, like: Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You're Happy and you Know it, 5 Little Monkeys jumping on the bed, etc. If you start to sing one of the songs, they go find the book and turn it to the page with the song on it, and dance to the song. I took a few videos of it last night, though it seems as soon as I pull the camera out, they no longer like to perform. They also sing pretty well. For example, If I sing "Row Row Row your Boat gently down the stream....", They'll go "mellily mellily mellily millily" ("merrily" in the right pitch) and finish the song. It's really cute!

Izzy is still getting into everything she's not supposed to as soon as you leave the room and is a bit ornery, but can also be the sweetest little thing ever. Matt says she's the momma's girl, asking for me when I'm not here. Her hair is really filling in and getting thicker. She's also getting to where she likes to wear bows like a little girlie girl! Anytime somebody leaves the room, Izzy will say, "Where did [daddy] go?" (with her hands turned up in confusion). Izzy looks so much like her daddy and his side of the family, it's not even funny. She's Martin thru and thru.

When Abby dances, she makes the cutest little dance poses, like she's being a gymnast or something.... it's so cute and I have no idea where she gets it! I think I'm definitely going to have to get that girl in gymnastics or dance. She seems to have a natural grace about her... which she definitely did not get from her mommy. Abby seems to be getting a little more independent lately and doesn't have to be clinging to me quite as often as she used to. We get a lot of mixed reviews on who Abby looks like, so we just say she looks like Abby.

Ally is such a little love bug and is a very affectionate baby. The other day she climbed into my lap, threw her arms around my neck and said, "I yuh you!" (said like she really meant it). She's also turned into a little boss to her sisters. She tells them "no" or "not ok" when they're doing something they shouldn't, tries to spank them and even checks their diapers to check if they're poopy. I think she thinks she's the mommy. My brother came to visit recently, and he just calls her "little Kami" everytime he sees her. My mom and family always say she acts and looks exactly like I did when I was that age (except I had more hair)!

I think the girls are probably ready to be potty trained, but I'm really in no hurry. I think I'm going to wait until the summer, when we're settled in our new house (tee hee). I feel like once they're potty trained, it's going to be a lot more work for me than when they're in diapers. Right now, they can pee as much as they want, and I just have to change them every couple of hours, but when they're potty trained, I'll have to take them to the bathrooom like 15 times an hour at first! I'm just really not in a hurry at this point.... I assure you, they'll be potty trained by the time they go to school!

On Friday, I had a procedure called an Endometrial Ablasion. Basically, having triplets is still taking it's toll on my uterus and I've been having some issues, so this should fix it. It was an outpatient procedure, but I had to be put under for it, with the IV, breathing tube, etc which I ABSOLUTELY HATE! So, I took it easy this weekend and took pain pills while Matt did all the work. It's sad that I was actually looking forward to surgery, so I could have an excuse to stay in bed for a few days with no guilt! I'm feeling a lot better today, but still taking it pretty easy and just doing the bare minimum to take care of the girls.

A couple of weeks ago some friends of ours got two new puppies and brought them over to see the girls. My girls are SCARED TO DEATH of dogs, but even these cute, tiny little fur balls freaked them out! Here's a pic of the girls looking at the puppies...

Ally had her little panic attack moments... I swear it's how I would act if someone was asking me to pet a snake or something, not a sweet little puppy!

They're very sweet lil pups...

But after a while, Ally and Izzy started to warm up to them... Abby still didn't want any part of them.

My brother and his family came home from Colorado for a few days last week, and we all had a nice dinner at my mom's house. Here's a pic of the girls eating ice cream and brownies on the kitchen window sill with their Lala.

My brother's dog, Rudy, was there too... so Izzy and Ally were brave with their daddy by their side. Again, Abby didn't want a thing to do with the doggie.

Cousins! Ally, Abby, Andie and Izzy on Lala's porch swing.

Here are some short videos of the girls dancing to their favorite songs last night: