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Thursday, March 26, 2009

27 Weeks

I went to the Dr. yesterday, saw the girls briefly and heard the heartbeats. All is still going well. The Dr. said one more week (28 weeks along) and he wouldn't think twice about taking the babies if something went wrong. He said they're very viable at this point. I, on the other hand, would definitely think twice about them being taken... it would be a LOT of NICU time in the hospital. Either way, it was nice to hear they could survive outside of the womb if they had to. The good news is, there are no indications we will not make it to 35 weeks... I'm still amazed at how very smooth everything has gone. Please keep praying because it's working!

I filled out my FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) papers at work, which means I can start working less. I have 18 days of sick time I have banked from all my years of working at U.S. Cellular. If you don't use all of your time each year, the days are banked for FMLA, etc. So... I had to fill out the paperwork to be able to use those days. I plan to use about 2 sick days a week, which will be like working part-time, but still getting paid for full. I still feel pretty decent, but get so tired and don't want to push it. My mom says she's glad I have a good work ethic, but would prefer I focus on other things right now. Matt is always telling me to look at what's really important, and I think we all know what that is.

Last weekend was very productive. With the help of my mom, Chris Hudson and Matt, we sorted through all of the stuff I have received from my showers and started putting it away. We are so blessed and have been given so much to get ready for these babies! My cousins and friend (Jill, Tracy, Carrie and Beth and Misty)had a shower for me on Saturday and it was so classy and beautiful. I have amazing friends and family and have never understood that more than in this pregnancy.

Last night, with Chris and Rodney Hudson's help, we got all of the cribs put together! We washed crib sheets and blankets and pressed everything to go nicely on the cribs... Pretty sure I'm not going to have time to iron their crib blankets once they get here!! HA! Here are some pics I took this morning... We will start to decorate the rooms more in the next week... It's getting close to being done!!!


  1. it's looking so cute!!! Isn't this part fun?!? I loved decorating the nursery and putting things away.

  2. The babies' room is beautiful. I love the crisp yellow - so bright and cheery! Can't wait to see all the "bee" decor. Remember, taking care of yourself means you're taking care of those babies!