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Thursday, March 19, 2009

26 weeks!

I had a Dr's appointment yesterday and have great news to share! The babies were all almost 2 pounds and within 1 ounce of each other. Baby A = 1 lb 13oz, Baby B = 1 lb 14 oz and Baby C = 1 lb 15 oz! They're all still growing at the same rate a singleton baby would at this stage! We even saw a chubby little cheek in the sonogram... so they're putting on some weight. The Dr. says they will start to slow their growth at about 32 weeks because they'll run out of room.

I really do believe that prayers are working! Please keep praying because everything is going so smooth so far... From everything I've read, we are so blessed to have no major complications up to this point. And, the fact that I'm still able to work is such a great thing!

Now, for the little bit of bad news...I had to take a glucose test yesterday... testing for gestational diabetes and the test didn't come back good. This was just the first, 1 hour test. If you fail that one, you have to take a 3 hour test (I think as punishment... and I usually do so well on tests). I'll be taking this test next Wednesday, so pray that I pass and everything is all good.

Also, I started having some pains in my lower abdomen and back when I walk, so I called the Dr today. They were certain it's growing/stretching pains and said I'll be having a lot more of those in the next few weeks as the babies put on weight. She suggested a girdle or belly belt for supporting the extra frontal weight.

I read yesterday that the babies look exactly like they will when they're born at this point, only miniature. No more alien babies!!! For some reason, that's comforting to me, given my belly is starting to feel like they're playing basketball in there! When they start moving, they start moving! I think I felt my eye balls rattle last night with one big kick!

I'll update with more news soon...

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  1. I'm glad you are progressing well. That's wonderful news.

    I had to do the three hour test with Camryn. I was borderline. I had to eat just 2500 calories or less a day. It never developed into gestational diabetes. Whew!

    I can NOT imagine what it would feel like with 3 babies growing in there. I know how much movement one causes and that's a lot!!

    Hang in there.... not too much longer to go!