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Friday, March 13, 2009

25 Weeks

I have had a hard time finding time to update the blog... things have been SO hectic lately and I'm tired! I'm at 25.5 weeks now and still feeling pretty good. I have been definitely "sprouting" as a few friends at work have called it and last weekend mom said she thought I was growing before her very eyes! I still sleep ok, but can only sleep on my right or left side and, when one gets sore, it is next to impossible to turn over to the other. I literally feel like a turtle on her back when I'm trying to roll over. At a sonogram the other day, I discovered I can no longer lay on my back for long without passing out. As he looked at the babies, the room suddenly got very hot and I felt very nauseous. He said it was my uterus cutting off the blood vessels or something like that. I read that it might happen about where I'm at in the pregnancy... so nothing to be concerned about.

My wrists are still hurting, but have actually improved a little... I think due to a new ergonomic keyboard I'm using. My feet and ankles are still swelling and I'm starting to have a hard time wearing the one pair of shoes that still fit! I plan to go get a pedicure this weekend, so I can break out the flip flops without shame! The Dr. has been talking to me more and more about cutting back hours at work... he's not necessarily telling me to, but he always mentions it and asks if I want to continue working. I have a meeting with HR next week to discuss my options and I may start trying to work less hours each week... we'll see. I fear that being bed-ridden or home all the time, I would feel miserable. Though I DEFINITELY am going to make the best decision for my health as well as the babies'. I've been given a new project at work and it's been making it difficult for me to miss because I'm not feeling so good... I tend to get this way when on a big project and get pretty focused... we'll see how long that lasts!

The new master bedroom/bathroom/utility is complete and we are moved in! My brother and his wife (Chad and Nora) bought us a new dryer to go with our new washer, and it just arrived yesterday. My grandma has been doing my laundry, and even though it's been WONDERFUL, I'm kind of glad I can just do it at my leisure again. Crazy, huh?! Our families have really been so amazing through all of this... you really do learn a lot about love and support when you're in a situation like this. My mom and Matt's parents came over last weekend and worked all weekend. Mom and Cheryl helped me go through and clean out closets (something I've been needing to do for a long time). I can't believe how many clothes and shoes I threw out... Gotta make room for Babies! Cheryl has been painting the nursery this week and has worked really hard. I believe it will be finished this weekend... the painting anyway. Matt and I are going to buy the cribs, changing tables and furniture tonight. Again... a very large contribution was made by my Mom and Matt's parents to help us pay for all of this. We really are so very blessed to have the families we do. I think God not only considered Matt and I before giving us these triplets, He looked at our support system and said, "yeah... they'll be able to handle this!"

I've had 2 baby showers already and have received a TON of stuff!
Two ladies at work threw me a shower and it was just beautiful... I would have never expected it from work... usually people just go in and buy a gift, but my friends made 3 cakes and lots of cupcakes, they decorated the room beautifully and had all kinds of gifts for me! It was truly humbling and I am so grateful!

My church shower was BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to put pics out here and show it off! There were 13 hostesses and they REALLY did an amazing job! The bee theme from my nursery was incorporated and when I saw the room, it brought me to tears! The girls' names were scribed on art for the nursery and SO much more! Many of the decorations were given to me and I'll be able to use when decorating my nursery. I received 3 car seats, a stroller, my pack and play, and lots of gift cards and diapers and MORE! I literally opened gifts for an hour and a half and was rushing because I could see people were getting bored! What a Blessing!

My brother and Nora are giving us a beautiful polk-a-dot chair and ottoman to go in the nursery as well as a lot more of Andie's old stuff, and we found some people to haul it to Oklahoma for us. Since Michael and Mikka (our old Youth Ministers at the Church) have recently moved to Colorado, their parents were taking a trip back empty-handed this weekend, so we made arrangements for them to haul a trailor for us! This saves us so much time and energy and I am so grateful! I should have the stuff by Monday or Tuesday! :)

Another thing: Last weekend Matt was taking a load of stuff out to the shed, stepped down into a hole (from all the plumbing stuff that was done in the backyard) and sprained his ankle really bad. We thought it might be broken and went to the ER, but it was too busy and we couldn't get in for hours... so decided to wait until the next day to have it X-rayed. So, my nurse (Matt) was injured this week and wound up taking care of him!!! He could only stay off of it for a day before going back into work, so it's really swollen, black and blue and he's just limping around everywhere... not to mention, there's just too much to do around the house to ignore it... he's gotta be working... poor guy!!!

Matt and I are so blessed... what a crazy week it's been! We still have to finish painting the rest of the house... I say "we", but it's really Matt and whoever else can help (any takers?!). My prayer and hope is that we finish with all of the home improvements and get to relax and enjoy each other a little before the baby bomb drops!!!

One other exciting thing! I've been feeling the babies kick A LOT this week! And, I can even see them moving under my shirt now! It's funny! Poor Matt hasn't felt them once and it's really starting to make him mad. Everytime he puts his hand on my belly, they settle down! I told him a lot of it has to do with the fact that we're never sitting and relaxing together anymore... there's always work to do... who has time to sit around and feel bellies!!!

I think I've caught you all up on what's going on... more to come later!

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  1. Just look at it like this.....Matt has a very calming effect on the girls! That will be priceless in a few months, so tell him just to be proud...he's already showing what a great dad he is!