Abby, Izzy, Ally

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This is NOT Chocolate - Not for a weak stomache

As I was in the middle of putting PJs on the girls tonight, a friend came by to borrow something. I left all 3 babies (2 changed, Abby in mid-change in just a diaper) in the same crib while I went outside to visit for a few minutes.

Matt went back inside before me and found Abby's (apparently poopy) diaper stripped off, and Izzy and Abby COVERED in poop! Ally managed to stay pretty clean, but still got a bath just in case. What an ABSOLUTE mess! I gagged multiple times during the 45-minute clean up. We managed to snap a few pictures before we got "involved" in the mess. The pics don't EVEN COME CLOSE to the actual damage...

You think looking at the pictures are disgusting... imagine cleaning this up!


  1. Oh, my gosh, Kami!!! Here you were just doing us a good deed, too. Actually, I'm sure the girls will get lots of laughs one day about this, but I know you and Matt had to be pretty disgusted.
    Thanks for posting one of the "real" moments!
    We are still amazed at your parenting!