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Friday, September 24, 2010

He's Always Been Faithful

Morning by morning I wake up to find
the power and comfort of God's hand in mine.
Season by season I watch him amazed, in
awe of the mystery of his perfect ways
All I have need of, his hand will provide.
He's always been faithful to me.

I can't remember a trial or a pain he did
not recycle to bring me gain. I can't
remember one single regret in serving
God only and trusting his hand

All I have need of, his hand will provide.
He's always been faithful to me.
This is my anthem, this is my song, the
theme of the stories I've heard for so long.
God has been faithful, he will be again.
His loving compassion, it knows no end.

All I have need of, his hand will provide.
He's always been faithful to me.

This is a song that has come to mean a lot to me. Two years ago, at about this time, I was singing in the choir at church. Matt and I had been trying to get pregnant for years, but it just wasn't happening. I was getting down about it, but I always had faith that God would bless us with children. When I heard this song (which was a solo in our Cantata), I felt led to sing it. As I practiced, I sang the words with all of my heart... knowing God has been faithful to me in the past, and He would be again. Before singing the song in front of the church, I found out that I was expecting. (At the time, I didn't know it was triplets). Of course, before singing the song, I had to give my testimony to the church of God's faithfulness in our lives and what he'd done. There were a lot of tears of joy... it was beautiful to see God at work.

Around Thanksgiving, the Pastor asked me to sing the song again, since it fit his message. I did, but this time, was able to share the news of being pregnant with triplets, and viewing the song as YET another promise that God would be faithful to bring these babies into this world, healthy and strong. Also - giving us the strength to make it thru the first year - I was very afraid of the unknown.

I had almost forgotten about the song and it's meaning to me, but I joined choir again this fall and (even with a new Music Minister), this song appeared in our handouts and he started playing it. The tears just began to fall as the feelings were stirred up. From yearning to be pregnant, rejoicing in the good news, and trusting that all would be ok. Now, looking back, it's just such a strong testimony of what God can do in our lives. I'm so thankful for His faithfulness!

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