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Saturday, April 25, 2009

31 Weeks 4 days... but who's counting?!

You'd think since I'm no longer working, I'd have lots of time to update the blog, huh? Well... I'm just getting more and more lazy! Seriously, I started to post an update yesterday afternoon, wrote a few sentences and decided to take a nap instead! I'm at 31 weeks and 4 days as I write this... things have still been going relatively smooth, but I've had a few hiccups this week...

I've written about my uterine monitor in other posts- the machine I hook up to twice a day for an hour each time. It's a belt thing that goes around my belly for an hour. I dock the monitor and fax the results to a 24 hour nurse line and they call me back with the results/contractions per hour. Before this week, the norm was 2 per hour; however, this week I've had 10 or 11 each night. Seven is my limit, so they have me monitor again (for another hour) to see if it continues. Each night, the second time I monitor, the contractions are still above the limit, but decreased. The Dr. said since they're decreasing and not increasing by the hour, it doesn't worry him AS MUCH. He did say with this extra "uterine activity" he's not sure I'll make it to 35 weeks though :( I can't feel the contractions, which is why they have me hook up to this monitor in the first place.

I go to the Dr. again on Tuesday, 4/28. At this appt, we'll get measurements of the babies again to see how much they weigh, etc. I'm hoping that each is over 3.5 lbs. About 3 weeks ago, they were all just below 3. I'll try to update the blog soon after my appt with the weights.

In the last post, I wrote about the Dr. leaving to go to a conference in my 33rd week... not something I was too happy about. At my last appt, He told me he didn't want to get my hopes up, but said he's thinking of reconsidering going on the trip. I asked if it was because of me, and he said I'm a factor. I'm happy about that, but it also makes me realize he definitely thinks I could deliver in 2 weeks! EEEEK!!! I'm really starting to get pretty attached to Dr. Fumia. At first, I couldn't see what all the fuss was about, but he's always so patient to answer all of my questions (and I always have a lot) and he makes me feel like I'm his only patient. This is definitely not something I've seen from a Dr. in a very long time.

We sold my 2-Door Accord this week... it's definitely a blessing, but I had a hard time letting go of that little car. I bought it new and had it for 7 years! I'm beginning to notice I don't always deal well with change... Kinda get into my routine and stay there for a while. So now, thanks to Dale and Cheryl's generosity (remember: Matt's parents GAVE us their van!!), I'm the offical owner of a mini van! The funny thing is, I find myself driving it even when the other car is available. It's A LOT more comfortable for a big ole' pregnant lady to get in and out of... that's for sure!! We sold the Honda to a 19 year old girl. She was so excited about her new car, which made me really happy! As a matter of fact, as we drove the mini van to get dinner that night, we saw her crusing Main street with the windows down and the sunroof open! At least it went to someone who will enjoy it like I did! How sad is it that I'm rambling on about my old car?!!? I'm weird, I know!

The nursery decorating is pretty much done! I still have some baby laundry and closet/drawer organization to do, but it's starting to all come together very nicely. I've posted some pics below, so you can see!

Before I sign off, I would like to officially say: I'm so glad I stopped working. It is SOOO nice to be able to take my time in the morning getting around and take a nap when my body feels like it. I've barely had morning sickness since I stopped working. I don't have to just get up and go... I can ease into the day. I eat breakfast and don't move a muscle for about 20 minutes to make sure it stays down. Breakfast is usually the only "iffy" meal that might come back up. Though... that's not ALWAYS the case.

Check out the nursery pics...


  1. You are doing soooo great! And boy, what a nice nursery set up! It is BEAUTIFUL! Your little girlies are blessed! Hang in there... you never know... you still could make it to 35 weeks!!!

  2. Keep taking it easy - and keep us posted!

    Your nursery could grace the cover of a baby magazine - it's just beautiful!