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Thursday, April 16, 2009

30 Weeks

I'm at 30 weeks, and everything is still going well! I have noticed a rapid decline in my appetite and when I don't notice, I pay for it by losing my lunch if you know what I mean. I've read that your stomach will run out of room around this time, but it hit me like a ton of bricks earlier this week. The Dr. says to start supplementing with Ensure shakes and being particular with what I eat... for example: chicken instead of cake. I try to do this for the sake of the babies, but the cake always sounds so much better!!

We had our final baby shower this week... Matt's work (Dollar Thrifty) had a very nice shower for us. We played games, ate cake and got the last of what we needed for gifts. I'm always so surprised at everyones generosity and I know Matt was feeling very blessed as well. At least at my office, we don't generally do all of that for the dad... we just go in and get them a gift. I think it was nice for Matt especially, and he got to open all the gifts for once. Of course, etiquette was out the window as he barely skimmed cards and was unsure of certain items, but that's to be expected from a first time dad. The people at his work didn't seem too offended... I think they're pretty use to him!

I'm absolutely loving not working, but have not been getting as much done as I would like. I sleep in, do my uterine monitoring for an hour, eat breakfast, watch tv, get somewhat ready for the day and by then it's noon! After all that, I'm about ready for a nap! It is nice to be able to rest when I feel like it, but I have a bit of guilt from not getting the basket of laundry folded or the bed made every day. It's amazing how the smallest things wear me out now. I'll be glad when I can finally clean my house or do laundry without having my heart rate go up!

More to come next week!

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