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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Update on Abby's Ear Appt

I took Abby to the E.N.T Doctor last Thursday. As you may or may not know, from a previous post, she has a hole in her right ear drum. She had tubes put in her ears when she was 11 months old, because she had a lot of fluid in her ears, and was having trouble hearing, and having infections.

The tubes have fallen out since then, but the hole in which the tube was placed, never healed back in the right ear. The Dr. said 99% of the time, it heals itself, but apparently we're in the 1%. We did an audio test to see if she was hearing well, in spite of the hole, and unfortunately, she's not hearing at the optimal level in her right ear. According to the audiologist, she's not hearing low pitches... only higher ones. Luckily, there's not permanent nerve damage or anything too serious.

The Dr. recommended that we hold off on surgery for a few more months and see if the hole will heal on it's own. We just have to keep a close eye out for infections, and make sure she doesn't get it under water. (While at the dr, I had her fitted for ear plugs for swimming and bathing.) He said he would hate to have surgery to repair the hole, and then need to make another hole this winter, if we find she needs tubes again because of harboring fluid in the ears again. Since she's developing and talking fine, we are going to leave it alone for now and reassess in a few months.

I would LOVE to avoid surgery all together, so I'm asking for all our friends and family to specifically pray for Abby's little hole in her ear drum to be healed. I have seen and been a part of the amazing things God can do, and this seems like a very simple fix for Him! I know she'll be fine if she has to go thru surgery... but I hate for her to have to do that again. It's really scary for a little girl. Not to mention, the bills for surgery can mount up pretty fast. I'll update again in a few months, when I know more. For now, Pray for little Abby's holey ear... Thank you!!!

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