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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bartlesville Kiddie Park

Yesterday, we took the girls to Bartlesville Kiddie Park. It is such a neat little place! It has lots of rides, perfect for little kiddos, just like ours! Not to mention, it's only $.25 a ride... so very affordable! The girls had a blast. Matt's parents came along with us, and all of these great photos were taken by Papaw (a.k.a Dale). He took 340 pics (Yes, 340), but I'm only going to show you some of my favorites!
On a side note: We told the girls we were taking them to the Kiddie Park earlier in the day... I couldn't figure out why they kept talking about seeing all the cats and kitties, until it hit me... they thought we were saying "Kitty park" not "Kiddie Park"... LOL!
The park is only open from 7pm-10pm through the summer months. Since Bartlesville is a good hour and a half away, it was a very late evening, which means everyone is taking a good nap as I'm typing.

This was the first ride we rode when we got to the park. We decided to start small, before moving up to the bigger rides. As you can see, Izzy liked "driving" her little car!
Ally was all smiles, Abby is behind her....

Abby driving....

After the cars, the girls rode these horse chariot rides. Izzy and Ally rode together...

Abby rode by herself, and rang the bells on the horse with the reins.

Next, we rode the boats! I love this pic from the back....

They really thought they were hot stuff!

We decided the girls were ready for the up and down, spin around, turtle things... another set of twins girls were added to our cart....

We rode the carousel, which went really fast!!! Matt had to brace himself, and I had to try and focus to avoid getting too dizzy. Sheesh!

Papaw was the keeper of the tickets, but would give the girls their tickets for each ride. They would hand the operator their ticket each time.

My favorite was watching them ride the ferris wheel! They were "caged" in, and appeared to have a ton of fun. Here, Ally is raising her hands in the air to show off!

Ally, Abby and Izzy in the Ferris Wheel....

Next, we rode the swings. Here's a pic of all 3 girls (Izzy's in the background... a little out of focus).

Izzy had this look on her face the whole night... they sure had fun!

Ally and Abby rode the airplanes together. Each seat had a lever to pull to make the plane go higher in the air.

Izzy happily rode with another little girl we met in line.

Ally and Abby up high in the air!

Izzy was a good little co-pilot!

This ride was a little wild, so daddy rode with the girls. It went round and round really fast, while the cage spins too. As a matter of fact, it started going so fast, the girls started piling on top of each other before the ride was over. Poor Izzy got her head bonked, but got over it pretty quickly.

All 3 girls got to sit together while riding the Pirate ship

Photo Op!

We had a really nice time, and I was SO proud that none of them were too scared to ride any of the rides! We'll definitely come back next summer!

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