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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Dental Appointments

Today, the girls went to the Dentist for the first time! They did AWESOME!!! We went to a place called All Smiles Dentist, which specializes in pediatric dentistry. Each girl had their own Dental Hygienist, working on them, but we were all close together. The Dentist saw them at the end of the appointment, and asked us to call him Dr. Jim. Everyone there was so helpful and kid-focused! Here are a few pics of the girls at their appointment:

The waiting room had tons of fun "kid stuff"... you can't tell from this pic. The girls are just sitting nicely, waiting for their appt.

Ally decided she would go first today! The Hygienists said she looked like a real life doll. She was being very brave and serious in this pic...

Izzy got her X Rays 2nd, and was a little trooper!

Abby was 3rd with the X Rays, and did everything the lady asked.

This was the closest any of them came to freaking out... Ally didn't like having to lay back in the big chair, but got over it pretty quickly. (P.S. - She always HATED laying on suspended changing tables in public places too).

Ally, getting her teeth cleaned in style! (The dental office let each girl pick a couple of prizes for being so good - sunglasses was one of the prizes).

The dentist looking at Ally's teeth. Everything in the office had a sports theme, by the way... this is why all the dental people are wearing jersey's, etc.

 Abby getting her teeth cleaned... she was very brave! TVs were playing "Barney" above every chair, hence the headphones.

Dr. Jim taking a look at Abby's teeth.

Izzy was relaxing, while waiting for her teeth to be cleaned.

Dr. Jim "counting" Izzy's teeth.

After the appointments, the girls posed for the paparazzi (a.k.a all of the dental assistants taking their pictures). I was asked to sign a waiver, so they could put the girls' picture on their website or Facebook page. Sigh... gotta give the people what they want! :)

Their teeth all looked great, and the girls are officially in the "No Cavity Club", according to the Dentist.

I was so proud of them, and how well-behaved they were!

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  1. She did a great job. I wish my kids behaved so well at that age. They were a little more feisty when they'd go to the dentist's office.