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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

23 Weeks

Baby C - Facedown

Baby B touching Baby C

All 3 Babies

I went to the Dr. this morning. This appt was supposed to be a quick check of the heartbeats, but the sonogram lady was nice enough to print a few pics for me too. See above. One very cool thing: the Dr. now has a big flat screen monitor in the corner of the room, so the mom can see the babies a lot better. I've had the worst seat in the house for viewing up until now! Although the sonogram was short, I actually saw the babies interacting this time. There's a pic of baby B touching Baby C's head above... not sure you can make it out, but I posted it anyway! The babies' heart rates were all still normal and it looked like they'd grown in the last 2 weeks, but she wasn't doing measurements today. Today was the first time the sonographer actually struggled with keeping the babies straight! For example, she pointed out baby A in the beginning (which was actually C), this threw her off and she couldn't find baby C! Then she looked a little further down and said, "No, this is baby A!" They're mingling and moving a lot more rather than staying in their own little corners of the womb as they did when they were tiny. The Dr. ordered another 24 hour urine test as well as a blood test and said he's checking for preeclampsia. I did a test about 2 months ago and everything turned out fine. He said he didn't have any reason to believe I had it, but said with borderline high blood pressure and a multiple birth pregnancy, the risk is higher. Eitherway, I'm just glad he's being cautious. He asked me a lot about how I've been feeling and wanted to know if I was considering working Part-time, but for now, (thank God) I'm still feeling fine. Sure, I get tired... but I have been doing a lot at work where I can sit most of the day and just get up to get a drink or go to the bathroom. I have a very comfy chair and I think that helps. He did encourage me to put my feet up as often as I can because of the swelling I've been experiencing. So, to sum up, it was a very good appt, all is still going better than I even imagined!

I've been feeling the babies move a lot more. Matt has yet to feel them through my stomach, but I don't feel that either... I just feel the many butterflies on the inside. We cracked ourselves up last night because we were at a restaurant eating dinner and the song playing was, "How Sweet it is to Be Loved By You". If you recall that song says, "I just want to stop, and thank you baby!" I could feel them moving around in there and we pictured them shaking their little booties and having a good old time! I laughed so hard!

The house is REALLY coming along and they've projected they will be done in 2 weeks! I'm SO excited! By closing off the door from the kitchen and creating a new one in the living room, we've also added a lot more usable space in the kitchen. We're going to move the Refrigerator over by where the door used to be and create cabinets where the fridge used to be. John, my mom's friend, is helping us with this... we only have to pay for materials! I keep saying how wonderful it will be when all of the home improvements are done and my house is clean... I just hope I have a little time to enjoy it before the babies get here.

Lately, I find myself wanting time to slow down... Not only do I want the babies to stay in my belly for their own good, but I'm scared to death of what it's going to be like when they come out. I've always wanted to be a mom and couldn't wait to start my family, but now that there's 3 babies and a lot of uncertainty, I want to enjoy my time with Matt for now. With everything I do, I think, "I'm not going to be able to do this once they get here."


  1. I'm happy you got another good report. It's fun following your progress.

    I can understand the feeling of uncertainty. There's a lot of that with just ONE baby.. I can't image what you must be feeling know there are 3 coming.

    Praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies... Take good care of yourself.

  2. I will try again to post a comment...I don't have a name....use anonymous on Dawn's. Thank you for blogging about this journey. I get teary-eyed every time I read it or see pictures. Such a miracle!
    Can't wait to see all you get tomorrow at your shower!