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Thursday, January 20, 2011

20 Month update

The girls turned 20 months old yesterday, so I wanted to give a quick update on how they're doing.

They're currently saying so many words, I can't keep track anymore. They even say short sentences, like: bye bye daddy, I love you, I sorry, up please, cookie please, etc.

(The pics in this post were from my phone... so they're not the greatest quality.)

Izzy is currently obsessed with Elmo. She has discovered he's on the front of her diaper, and is always wanting to take her diaper off to see Elmo (this is very frustrating since she's not potty trained yet)! Her hair is really growing and is growing straight up and out, so it is wild all the time! I managed to get it in little pig tails the other day, but she wouldn't leave them in (see above pic). We had a very embarassing moment with Izzy at Wal-mart last week. It's too embarassing for me to put on the blog, but let's just say she saw a baby that she thought looked like an animal from one of her books. It was very bad. Matt just looked at me and said, "did she just say what I think she said?" We fled the scene very quickly.

Abby (playing dress up in her boots and scarf)
Abby's hair is getting so long, she really needs to get a hair cut soon. She's very good about identifying animal sounds and also loves to be read to a lot. Abby and Ally have both started coming to me after they go #2 in their diapers and saying "poo poo". I know this is a step towards potty training, but I'm not rushing them... I've been given advice to wait until they're at least two and have heards it's easier in the summer when they're not wearing as many clothes. I've noticed lately that Izzy and Ally seem to just love Abby. They're always loving on her and babying her. I'm not sure it's because they see me doing it, or because they see her as the little timid, sensitive one too. Don't get me wrong, they fight over toys with her, etc, but for the most part, it appears as though Izzy and Ally both really like Abby a lot. This may change in the near future... but I've noticed it lately.


Ally is finally getting some hair! It's about an inch long on top of her head now. Ally is VERY good at puzzles and pointing things out in a book. She also pretends to read to herself, and mumbles as she "reads" thru the pages. She's still my little cuddle bug, but does the funniest thing when she's cuddling - she always moves her little bottom in and out, almost like she's wanting me to rock her. It's really sweet. We've started praying with the girls after they brush their teeth at night, but Ally is so funny when she prays. She folds her little hands, closes her eyes, and shakes her head (like saying no) the whole time she prays... like she really means it! Then at the end, she says, "Aymien" in the most hick voice ever! Seriously cute... I'm gonna post a video of it soon.

We recently moved Ally's crib back into Izzy and Abby's room. I would hear Izzy and Abby giggling before or after nap, and I just felt sorry for Ally being all alone in her side of the nursery. We originally moved her because she would wake up a lot in the middle of the night and wake up her sisters, but she rarely does that anymore. The night we moved her crib in their room, the girls didn't fall asleep for an hour...they were in there giggling until 10:00! I figure, that's part of the fun of being triplets though! Also, we were struggling to keep Ally's side of the room warm, since it's all the way at the end of the house, so now she's warm and toasty like the other two.

The girls are still loving their new play room. When someone comes over, a lot of times, they'll grab their finger and take them back to show them their new room. It's so cute. I love to hear them in there playing with each other. We also have a little tv set up that I leave on the Disney channel, so they have quite the little set-up.

I've been working on the blog book in my spare time, but it's a lot more work than I thought it would be... I downloaded the software, but pretty much have to copy and paste all of the posts and pictures and lay them out in the book the way I want them. It's definitely going to take a lot more time than I originally figured. I've already worked on it for probably 12 hours total, and am just now throught the pregnancy part, to the day of their birth! It'll all be worth it in the end though.

The girls are frustrating me with their eating lately... it's hard to find something that all three of them like, and I'm finding the easy "go-to" things like peanut butter and grilled cheese aren't even liked by all. Ugh! One common factor: they all love cookies and "nandy" (aka candy) and would eat that 24/7 if I'd let them! Abigail is my little eater (even though she's the smallest) and will eat pretty much anything I put in front of her! Izzy and Ally are very picky. Though, Ally is my little chug-a-lugger and will drink and drink and drink!

As for selling the house, we've still got nothing... I'm going to have to call my realtor soon, because I seriously haven't even HEARD from her since September or so. That doesn't seem right... I see people drive slowly by the house often, but it hasn't been shown since the Fall. Very frustrating.

On a bright note: Matt has been promoted to a Senior Accounting Manager at work and got a nice raise... Praise God! He's definitely taken care of us in more ways than we can count.

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