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Thursday, August 12, 2010

15 Month Update

Not a lot has been going on around here to blog about.... It's so ridiculously hot outside, we try to stay indoors, so the girls seem to be a little restless. Temps have been above 100 for the last few weeks. We've also been dealing with sick babies for the last 3 weeks, so that hasn't helped our activity either. One of my BIGGEST frustrations with triplets is it seems they're always sick. I know babies get sick a lot, but in this case, one baby gets sick, then another, then the other, then it makes the rounds again. Next thing you know, another bug comes along to make it's rounds. We've been dealing with fever, diarrhea, and fussiness for what seems like forever! We hadn't been to church in 3 weeks, because the girls always seem to spike a 103 degree temp on Saturday night. This last Saturday, it happened again. I couldn't take it anymore, and we all went to church anyway. Izzy was the one with the fever, so I just didn't put her in the nursery. Luckily, so many people were working the nursery, one of the workers just took her in a separate room and kept her.

They're good most of the time, but because of the sickness and because we have 3 babies, sometimes it feels like we're constantly dealing with fussiness. To be honest, yesterday I was contemplating running away! Izzy (the one who is usually pretty independent), decided to be extremely clingy. She wanted to sit on my lap or be with me all day. Even if she could see me in the other room, she was still unhappy. You know how in the movies when someone is running from something, like a wild animal, and they shut the door and the animal is clawing at the door to get them? That's how I felt yesterday... my pack of wild animals was clamoring to "attack" me every second of the day. When "nigh nigh" finally came, I breathed a big sigh of relief and yelled "FREEDOM"!!! Matt says I'm funny though... even when I've had enough of babies and want nothing more to do with them for the day, it's still all I do. I look at pictures of them, or read other triplet blogs. He's like, "Haven't you had enough babies for today?"

Something I haven't mentioned in a while: the house is still up for sale. Up until now, we've hardly had any lookers, but we recently had a couple come through that seemed very interested. They were preapproved and currently renting (a very good combo!) They said they'd looked at over 30 houses, and ours was at the top of their list. I'm praying it all works out with them, but even if it doesn't, it was encouraging to have someone show a smidgen of interest for once. We're really trying to be patient and keep the faith that if it's meant to be, it will happen.

Matt's parents helped us put the double doors up in the nursery, which is working out really nicely. Before we had the babies, we made an opening between two bedrooms to make one large nursery. It worked well for a while, but Ally was constantly being separated and was having to sleep in a pack and play in the guest room all the time. Now that the doors have been up, we put her crib on one side of the doors and Izzy and Abby's on the other. Both sides have fans to drown out noise. They can still wake each other up if they scream loud enough, but it's working a lot better and it's nice to have Ally back in her bed where she belongs. Here's a pic of the new doors and nursery. (I still have to paint the doors white).

View from Izzy and Abby's room

View from Ally's room

The babies are still learning their body parts and doing more and more each day. Now, they can point to their feet and belly, in addition to their ears, nose, mouth, head, etc. Here's a pic of Abby when asked where her belly is (Matt taught her to lift her shirt). Ally's riding on the beloved mermaid car next to her:

I'm starting to try and break Ally from her pacifier. To start, I'm only letting her have it when she sleeps. It's going to be tough, but we gotta start sometime. I don't know how long I'll let her have it only at night... It really doesn't bother me, so at this point, she'll probably have it a while longer. I usually put multiple paci's in her bed, so if she drops one, she has another. During today's nap, though, she threw ALL FOUR paci's out of her bed and stood there screaming bloody murder. I picked them up and gave them back to her, but I'm not doing it again. If she decides to throw them out again, she's going to have to suffer the consequences. Little turkey.

Here's some updated pics of the girls:

Izzy giggling on the floor
Izzy with her ornery look
Izzy, looking sweet

Abby being pouty
Happy Abby with cute flipped hair

Ally making her mad face
Sweet Ally

Silly Ally
I took these pics after the girls' afternoon nap... Here they are eating their snack & milk:

Here they are running up and down the hallway (one of their favorite new pass times):

Our 15 month check-up is 8/23, so I'll be sure to post weights, etc. after this appt.
More videos coming soon....

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