Abby, Izzy, Ally

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our 1st Birthday Party

Our 1st Birthday Party was SO much fun! We had our families, the girls' best friend, Andi Mae, and a few close friends join us to celebrate the big day. The "close friends" appeared quite frequently on our schedule after the triplets were born, and I thought they'd like to celebrate with us, since they helped keep us sane those first few months. (P.S. There were MANY more that helped that we appreciate as well, but wanted to keep the party somewhat manageable)!

We had the party at my mom's house, because it's open and a nice place to have a pary. Here's a pic of the decorations and cakes - The theme was 1st birthday/zoo animals.

The main cake for all to eat - SO Cute!

Each baby had their own cake too!

The guests of honor arrived at the party in their brown and pink polka dot party dresses... very chic! (left to right - Izzy, Abby, Ally)

After lunch was served, the babies opened lots and lots of presents! Yes, they were more interested in eating the paper! Nice hats, huh?
(Left to right - Abby, Izzy, Ally)

They got new hats, new clothes, new swimming suits....Here's Abby sporting her new look:

Izzy liked her new watering can.... the girls opened toys, a wagon, and all kinds of new fun things!

Their friend, Andi Mae, came to the party! We're going to her party soon... she and the triplets were born 1 day apart!

Ally liked opening presents too!

Left to Right - Ally, Izzy, Abby

Cake time!

Left to right - Izzy, Abby, Ally

Ally CHOWED on her cake! She was very methodical... cake, mouth, cake, mouth, cake, mouth. Not a lot of playing... lots of eating!

Izzy never really got to the cake, she loved the icing! She buried her face in it!

Abby ate a lot too, but definitely liked to squish the cake between both hands.

(Ally) Cake, mouth, cake, mouth!


Cake was everywhere! (Abby)

Izzy - notice the eye lashes!

Ally's damage

Abby's damage...

Izzy's damage...



All 3 enjoying their cakes!

After the cake, the babies took a bath and felt much better!

Here's a video of the girls eating their cake. Notice all of the camera flashes... It was quite a sight!


  1. They are one already?!?!?! I guess so, since my boys are 10 months... haha... where did time go?! I love watching them grow up from a distance... maybe for their 5th birthdays we can plan a get together 1/2 way for both of us! I can actually stomach the thought of traveling at that point :-D Happy Birthday Girls!

  2. How precious they are! I love all your pics of them too!

  3. Such a cute post! Happy birthday to them! I really liked the decoration and the cakes. I am glad I came across this post before my niece’s birthday. I have booked a very pretty LA venue for her birthday celebration and I got some great ideas from this post.