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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I'll be honest, I had moments of my day when I kind of felt sorry for myself because 11-month-olds aren't any better on Mother's Day than any other day... and, let's face it, I'm tired! However, Andrew's sermon helped me to put things into perspective. It was about the story of Hannah, who was unable to have children. She poured her heart out to God and prayed for a son. This is the story Matt and I clung to as we tried for two years to get pregnant. Many times, I prayed, begging God for children... pouring my heart out to Him. I knew I was supposed to be a mother, and God heard my prayers, just like he heard Hannah's. We were actually going to name our child Samuel, if we had a boy. BUT - Obviously, God had a DIFFERENT plan for us! I'm amazed at what God has done in my life and feel so blessed to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mommy to Izzy, Abby and Ally. God is so good!

To celebrate the day, Matt and I decided to take our first dinner outting to Tulsa with the girls. After church, we brought them home and fed them, then loaded back up and took off to Tulsa to eat lunch. We went to Fuddrucker's, because it met all of our criteria: 1) We like it (mmmm... burgers!) 2) It's loud (if a baby decides to scream, no one cares) 3) It's spacious (there's plenty of room to haul 3 car seats around the place and maneuver 3 high chairs up to a table) 4) It's fast! Yes, we got a lot of stares (like usual), but had a very nice lunch. I would've taken a picture, but in our haste to go, we forgot the camera.

A quick update on the girls: As you could probably see from the last video post, Izzy is walking! She still only takes 5-6 steps before falling, but is walking, nonetheless! Something kind of funny: Abby and Ally have noticed the applause and attention Izzy is getting and have decided they want to start walking too. Ally thinks she can already walk and takes off like it's no big deal... she gets in about 2 steps and falls everytime. Abby can sometimes take a few baby steps, but mostly stands (without holding onto anything), puts her hands in the air and giggles! She's very proud of herself and VERY cute!

The big birthday bash is this Saturday... I will post again soon after the party and will include lots of pics. Here are some pics of the decorations we will be using for the party. I'm very excited to celebrate the momentous occasion!

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  1. Kami, I can't believe the girls are already turning 1! I'm sure to you it's been a long year. Ha!

    I love the picture of them at the piano. So darling.

    I'm glad you all got to go eat out in Tulsa and enjoy lunch WITH the girls. I think you all are doing a fabulous job.