Abby, Izzy, Ally

Friday, April 23, 2010

One bad week... not for a weak stomach.

Abby's ear tube procedure went great! She was in and out very quickly, with little crying or fussing. Thank you, Lord!

On the other hand, this week has been TERRIBLE!!! We've had a virus going on around this house for 9 days! Abby got it first last week, puking and feeling very bad. No fever though. She laid on me for a few days and we thought it was over, then Izzy started puking Saturday night. It was WAY worse than what we'd seen with Abby. She puked and puked and puked. Probably 12 times on Saturday night. It got so bad, we called Matt's mom to come and help. If you can imagine, an eleven month old baby doesn't give any warning before "going off". She would vomit somewhere, I would take her to clean her up and tend to her, the other babies would try to crawl in it while daddy would try to clean up the mess. It was working ok to detain the other babies quickly, until Izzy did it so frequently we were getting way behind and Abby and Ally were getting very frustrated being "detained". I'd already been through 4 shirts when Cheryl got here to help. Once we had 3 adults here, one person was in charge of holding Izzy, wrapped in a towel, with a bucket ready to catch the mess. The other tended to Abby and Ally, while the other cleaned the mess. Ugh... it was awful. Couldn't get much worse, right? Wrong....

The next day, I woke up with it. So now, I'm vomiting and feeling terrible along with Izzy!!! The worst part of mine only lasted about 12 hours, so I was able to start helping again pretty quickly. I did find out one doesn't get to take a "sick day" when one has triplets... especially sick triplets. Izzy started getting diarrhea on Sunday afternoon, and was just lying on me, completely drained, so we grew worried and took her to the ER. The Dr. looked at her, but said she didn't need an IV, and prescribed some more anti-nausea medicine... (we were out at that point).

Tuesday, Matt became ill with the very same thing... this was the day Abby had to get her tubes, so he was puking at the hospital during her procedure. He came home and rested some after that, but like me, it's tough to take a sick day even when you're the daddy.

Ally has yet to get sick... THANK YOU, LORD!!!! That virus kicked 4 out of 5 of our family's booties though. Izzy just stopped having diarrhea yesterday... poor little baby.

Sorry for anyone with a weak stomach... I'm just telling it like it happened....

We're finally starting to look healthy again, and may even be able to get out and get some fresh air this weekend.

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  1. Ugh! I am so sorry, that sounds just aweful. We all 5 had in in a matter or two days. Luckily 4 out of 5 could make it to the bathroom on time. The yongest didn't make it but luckily daddy was still feeling okay when she went through it, and she felt better by the time daddy came down with it. It wasn't fun. I am sure it was that much worse with 3 small babies. You are right mommy never gets a sick day. I haven't taken one in 7 years