Abby, Izzy, Ally

Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Update: 11.5 months

It's been a good week... so I thought I would blog about it. Also, I'm becoming more and more aware of how this blog is my "scrapbook" or way of documenting what's going on with the girls, so I'm really going to try to start adding things more often. I'm feeling so EXTREMELY blessed to be able to stay home with my little baby girls. They do new things all the time and I get to see EVERY SINGLE BIT OF IT! I really don't think I could have handled going back to work (even with one baby). It would be so hard to miss out on the daily occurences. Believe me, somedays I feel like pulling my ratty hair out, but I really do know how blessed I am.

My mom has made the comment several times that they're very happy babies... smiley, giggly, CONTENT babies. I like to think me staying home with them and keeping them on a schedule has something to do with this. I used to worry so much about not having enough time to bond with each one, but it's really a non-issue now. They do have a habit of seeing their sister on mommy's lap and wanting the same thing, but overall, I get to just give them hugs and kisses throughout the day... loving on one while the other two play, etc. They're very sweet little girls.

They love their daddy so much too! Most of the time, they're in their high chairs when he comes home and, from where they sit, they can usually see him before I even know he's home. I can always tell when he's home by the looks on their faces. When he walks in the door, their faces just light up! Sometimes they let out little giggles too. If they're not in the high chairs, they'll crawl to him and want some hugs and loves. Very sweet. Here's a pic of them swarming him once he changed and sat in the floor.

Here's a look at our current schedule (not sure it's changed much since last time I posted it):

  • 7:30/8:00 Wake up. Often, they'll wake up at 7 and just talk to themselves or each other until I decide to get up. I leave a few soft toys in their cribs, so it keeps them busy for a little while.

  • 8:00 Change 3 diapers and put in high chairs for Breakfast. I usually give them Cheerios to munch on while I finish making my bed, opening the blinds, turning on Good Morning America, etc. They eat rice or oatmeal cereal followed by a 4 oz bottle and possibly more Cheerios. At this point, I usually start laundry, load the dishwasher, get ready (by get ready I mean put on a bra and brush my teeth... that's now my "get ready" routine).

  • 9:00-10:30 Play with toys in the living room. I drink coffee and watch them play. Usually all 3 babies need a diaper change. (It's funny how since they all eat at the same times, they're pretty much on the same poop schedule).

  • 10:30-11:30/12:00 Morning Nap - We have 3 cribs set up in the nursery, but in order to get them to sleep well thru their nap time, I separate them. I put one baby in the nursery, one in a pack-n-play in the guest bedroom and the other in a pack-n-play in our bedroom.

  • 12:00 Lunch. We're now eating Table foods - mac & cheese, pasta, peas, carrots, green beans, bread, cheerios, avocado, egg yolk, cheese, peaches and bananas are examples of things we eat. We follow up lunch with about 4 oz of formula.

  • 1:00-3:00 Change diapers, then play. On pretty days, we might go for a walk during this time or sit on a blanket outside, but often we just play with toys in the living room. I also give them a 5-6 oz bottle at 2:00.

  • 3:00-5:00 Afternoon Nap - Again, putting in separate rooms. During nap times, I usually fold clothes, empty the dishwasher, get on the computer, watch tv, relax etc.

  • 5:30 Dinner - Currently, I still give them baby food for dinner. It's easier and a lot less messy. Plus, I know exactly how much they're getting. They also drink 3-4 oz of formula at this time too.

  • 6:00-7:30 Play with daddy.

  • 7:30 Bath time (every other night)

  • 8:00 7 oz. Bottles

  • 8:30 Bedtime!!! Hallelujah!! Matt and I pick up toys, clean up and watch tv. We usually have to move Ally into the guest room pack-n-play right away because she's wired and keeps the other babies up. If one of the babies cries in the middle of the night, I make sure they're ok, then move them to another room to cry it out for a few minutes.

The next day, we wake up and do the whole thing over again! Ugh! I truly LOVE staying home with them, but often get a little bored with the mundane. I really think I've lost brain cells from lack of using my brain this year. But, it's all worth it. I very much look forward to when Matt is home in the evenings and the weekends. Not that the schedule changes much, but at least I have my best friend to go thru it all with :)

None of the babies are walking yet, but Izzy is SOOOO close! She CAN do it, but still doesn't know she can. It's very strange because she was such a little dare devil when pulling up, bumping her head ALL the time and not knowing her limits, but she acts like a real scaredy-cat when walking. She's taken 2 steps on her own, but then lands firmly on her diaper booty.

The babies have been playing together so cute lately. They giggle at each other all the time, and even chase each other. The other night, Abby chased Ally all over the living room (crawling). Both giggling the whole time. Ally LOVED it! She would get in a groove, crawling really fast with her head down, then she'd go in a circle and look up and would have almost crawled into Abby. Then the whole thing would start over again. I didn't get a video of this particular time, but do have some video of a chase.... here it is:

Abby had tubes put in her ears almost 2 weeks ago. She is doing WONDERFULLY! She was always a very serious baby... some even referred to her as grumpy now and again, but since the tubes, she's been extremely giggly and very involved in playing with her sisters. I think before the tubes, she was kind of stuck in her head... you know how you feel when you're real stopped up? Poor baby probably went for months and months like that. I'm very glad we had the procedure done.

The girls are drinking out of sippy cups pretty good now, and we MIGHT be able to get rid of most, or all, of their bottles once they're a year old... we'll see. I'm not one to do something just because you're "supposed to at this age". If there's ONE thing I've learned during this CRAZY year, it's there is NOT one way to do things, though it seems everyone thinks their way is the only way. It's silly, if you ask me.... who the heck cares if my babies still drink a night bottle at 14 months?! And, if they do care... they might want to get a life! Sorry! I'm getting a little attitude... don't get me started!

A lot of people have asked about Matt's job. He works for Dollar Thrifty's headquarters in Tulsa as an Accounting Manager. Hertz Rental Cars has agreed to a deal to buy Dollar Thrifty. It often takes up to a year for the FDC to approve the change, so at this time, the job is as secure as it ever was. Once the change takes place... who knows?! BUT, we're not going to worry about it at this time. God has proven over and over that He'll take care of us, and we're not going to start doubting Him now. It wouldn't hurt to pray about it, though.

Some news about Matt and me: We're taking our first trip (over nighter) May 21st! I'm excited and scared to death. Don't get me wrong... I'm not scared for the babies... I'm scared for me. I'm afraid I'm going to go into withdrawals being away from them! Dale and Cheryl (Matt's parents) are going to keep 2 of the babies, and my mom is going to keep 1 baby. Matt and I are going to Dallas to watch the Cubs play the Rangers (2 of Matt's favorite teams). We're leaving Saturday morning and coming back Sunday afternoon. Our anniversary is May 27th, so this is our little Anniversary get away. Last year on our anniversary, we had just brought the babies home the night before, and honestly had NO IDEA it was our anniversary until Matt's dad texted us and wished us a Happy Anniversary. At that moment, I started crying, knowing my WHOLE world had changed so much that I didn't even know my own Anniversary anymore! For so many years it was ALL about us and now, we didn't even remember our own Anniversary! I was so afraid of the changes that were coming... I was so afraid, knowing my life was OVER as I knew it. I seriously don't think I'll ever forget that feeling. I digress - anyway, we're getting away this year and taking a little much needed alone time.

This is all I have for now... will post more later. Here are some pics of the girlies from this week:

Izzy... having a Cheerio picnic in the backyard

Abby at the picnic

Ally at the picnic

This pic was supposed to be of these 2 giggling and having fun... I happened to snap the shot just as Abby apparently bit little Izzy.

Abby showing off


  1. Oh they are so precious. Great post! It makes me miss them. I didn't know Matt was at DTAG. Troy worked there for 12 years! He was laid off about a year and a half ago so it is weird for us to NOT be a DTAG family!

  2. I just got caught up on these and loved every pic and every word you wrote. Thank you again for sharing their lives with us.