Abby, Izzy, Ally

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

5 1/2 month update

It's been a long time since my last post. The girls are doing SO great and will be 6 months old this month!!! It feels like longer than that, to tell you the truth... I don't mean that in a bad way, but it's been a long 6 months!!! It really is getting easier and easier every day though. I'm actually able to fully take care of the girls by myself now. I can feed all 3 in a little over an hour and that leaves 3 hours before the next feeding to play, nap and deal with whoever is fussy. Although, I can take care of them myself, it's very difficult to get anything done, so Cheryl (Matt's mom) comes over a couple days a week to let me clean, grocery shop, wash my hair, or type on the blog (like today)! I'm starting to feel a little more like a "normal" mom now that I can actually take care of my children myself and don't have to have 'round the clock help. It's very liberating and I'm feeling more confident every day.

The latest news on the girls: All 3 girls are rolling over now, which makes them mobile... a little more work than before. I know, I know... It's going to get worse!! I think my mom is going to get us an indoor fence for Christmas to keep them from rolling all over the house! They all giggle a lot and even interact with each other.

A few examples of them interacting:
Izzy and Abby were on their tummies, facing each other, When Abby let out one of her earth-shattering shrieks, it scared Izzy and she started crying terribly. Sad, but funny.
Often the girls will roll into each other and we'll find Ally sucking on Abby's hand or vice versa.
Also, the other day, Abby started crying and screaming and I found Ally pulling her hair!!!
Again, I know... just the beginning... you don't have to tell me!!

They all talk a lot and blow bubbles... a very fun stage. One other endearing trait: Abby is now in the habit of laying on her tummy in her crib and can lift her head high enough to look out... VERY cute to see her watch you coming to get her! As for sitting up, the girls are doing the little stomach crunch things like they want to sit up. When I sit them up, they can balance pretty good, but aren't quite doing it on their own yet.

The girls went as the 3 little pigs for Halloween... no trick or treating yet, but they sure looked cute to show off at the pumpkin patch and for their first Halloween pics.

Matt still seems to be holding up pretty good... he has even been left alone with them a time or two when I went to choir practice or to work out. One night, I was in the shower when he decided to give them all baths before I was finished. He said they all had a look of concern on their face as he was bathing them, and there was no bath playtime or singing, but no one cried and they were all clean in the end! A great treat for me!!! I honestly believe Matt was chosen to be a father of triplet girls. He is so patient and loving to me and the girls. If he weren't so helpful and understanding, I would have never survived this.

Here are a few recent pics:


Izzy, Ally, Abby

Ally, Izzy, Abby







  1. OH the pics are adorable!!! I laughed out loud at the 3 little piggies! Can I come by on a Thursday to see you and the girls? I only have Leah w/me that day. I miss you!

  2. Once again, you have brought tears to my eyes. You just don't know what a gift you are giving to all of us who love you and your family by keeping up your blog. I know you and Matt are blessed, but those girls are also blessed immeasurably to have you both for parents, as well as having the wonderful grandparents they have. I still say no other mother could handle the girls as well as you.
    Miss them and will come see them soon!