Abby, Izzy, Ally

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1 month update

Well, the babies are one month old today and we're still alive and kicking! We just had another Dr's appointment this morning and he confirmed again that the girls are perfect! All are in the 3rd percentile for weight at 1 month old, but we're just happy they're on the charts at all! Abby and Ally weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and Izzy is catching them fast... she weighed 6 lbs 11 oz! She's definitely gained the most since birth... over 2 pounds!!!

We're still using a schedule and having volunteers come in and help feed... it's our only hope for survival at this point. I still haven't taken the babies out in public yet (besides the Dr). I've been waiting until at least their 40 week due date (6/23). I've been making a joke that the house is their womb for now! A lot of people are wondering if it's ok to come visit at this point.... I say, why not?! I just have 4 rules I live by:

1) Still no kiddos for now - the Dr. says the cold a 4 year old has is the RSV virus just waiting to manifest for your babies.
2) Everyone washes their hands before handling the babies.
3) Hold their little heads!!!
4) Please Don't come if you're even the slightest bit sick.

Is that rude?! If you follow these guidelines, I'm a happy mom! Otherwise, I'm a mess! So, with that said, friends of the family are definitely welcome to come see/hold the babies!

We plan to take them to church sometime in July, but I'm a little worried about what a distraction/parade it will be. There ain't no sneakin' in the back with infant triplets! The Dr. told me it's ok to take them to church, but don't put them in the nursery and don't pass them around like new puppies. The mother in me wants to bring a thing of hand sanitizer and Lysol with me for everyone to get de-germed, but I think that might be a little extreme!

You may be wondering... what does one do when all babies get fussy at the same time? First of all... There's usually 2 people here at the house. But, right now, I'm alone with 2 fussy babies. I have Izzy in the swing and Abby is in her boppy. I keep them close so I can plug them with a pacifier when they start to cry... this usually works. If 3 start to fuss, I hold her or find the bouncy seat. Plan B is to call for backup!!! Overall though, they're pretty good babies so far... not too much crying. Thank goodness!

Gotta go... swing's not workign anymore!!!


  1. I think your rules are totally understandable and very generous! I know there are several who would love to see them. You and Matt are just doing an awesome job as parents! Those are three blessed little girls!

  2. No you are NOT rude. As a NICU nurse and mother of a NICU baby I can tell you I did and said exactly the same things you are saying! AND it's not extreme to bring hand sanitizer to church (the spray is great)! People need to understand that even a minor illnes can cause major problems with preemies! You are doing a great job looking out for your little ones. Love the pics.