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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The girls 2nd Birthday Party & A Few Random Pics

The girls celebrated their 2nd birthday in May. We had their birthday party at the fellowship hall of our church on May 22nd and had a few close friends and family there. It was rather thrown together, since we had just closed on our new home on the 20th, and work began that evening! Here are a few pics of the party:

I made cupcakes instead of having a birthday cake...
 The girls received LOADS of presents!

We didn't splurge on the cake this year, but we did have Rib Crib for dinner
 Here's a pic of the girls opening their gifts...

After blowing out their birthday candle, they chowed on their cupcakes! Here's a pic of Izzy and Abby getting started.

Sweet lil Abby enjoying her cupcake

This is serious business for Ally...

Not quite as messy as last year! (Abby, Izzy and Ally)

After opening presents and eating BBQ and cake, we all moved to the gym where we had a bouncy castle set up (borrowed from the church) and we rode our motorized cars. Since our friend Andi Mae was there, my niece, Madison, brought her old motorized jeep to give rides to the 4th girl (not riding her own car). I think Madison may have had more fun than the babies! :)

In this pic Ally is riding the car on the far right, Abby is riding her car, and Madison is giving Andi Mae a ride in the jeep.

Matt's dad helping Izzy get out of a jam

Madison and Izzy


The bouncy castle was lots of fun too!

Our intent was for the girls to have a great time at their own party, and I think we accomplished it. Unfortunately, with everything we had going, it was a big relief to get it over with and move on to the next thing on the to-do list!

Matt's mom bought the girls new swimsuits for our new pool! Here's a few pics of the sun bathing beauties...
Ally, Abby and Izzy

Here's a pic I took today of the girls eating their lunch in our new kitchen... THERE'S SO MUCH ROOM!!! I love it!

The dining room

I'll post more pics of the house (and girls) soon...

Blog post... another item checked off the list! (CHECK!)

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