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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update 23.5 months!

With all that is going on around here, it's been hard for me to update the blog. I think I'll be doing good to update once a month this summer, as we get settled into our new house.

Here's the latest on the house front: We're still in the old house, but we're supposed to close on the new house on May 20th. The family buying our house is supposed to close on June 20th. This works out well, because we can do the work that we want to do on the new house, while still living comfortably in the old one. In the new house, we have plans to re texture the ceilings, get new carpet throughout, and tile in a few places that currently have linoleum. We're also painting every room, so it will probably be mid-June before we start the moving process. So far, I've been dealing with contractors, trying to get the best price for different jobs. (We'll be doing all the painting ourselves though.) In the old house, I've been cleaning out all our drawers and closets and had a Yard Sale last weekend, so we'll just be moving things we want, rather than moving clothes that don't fit, etc. Please pray that everything continues to go smoothly in selling our house and buying the new one. We already had the inspection on the old house, and he found a few things, but so far, we haven't heard from the buyers demanding anything else be fixed. Hopefully, they won't, because we're running out of money. Also, the appraisal of the old house still has to happen, so that needs to work out too. Lots of things still have to fall into place... Matt and I will have a HUGE weight lifted off of us when we have closed on both houses.... HUGE!

The girls are doing so great! They are putting words together to form 3 or 4 word sentences, and are constantly talking. Just last night, Ally said, "Andi Mae so funny", referring to her little friend who came to visit. They also say, "Where did daddy go?", "I don't know", "There he is", "I see it", "I like it", "I no like it", "I sit down", "Izzy's turn" (or Abby or Ally), etc. These are just some examples, they say a lot and amaze me every day by what they know!

All 3 girls love to sing songs. Right now, it seems like Izzy has the best pitch and rhythm. When dancing to a song, she's always in rhythm as she sways. When singing a song, she really gets the pitch just right and learns fast. I love to hear them sing "Jesus Loves Me". They always sing the "Loves Me" part really well and point to themselves as they sing. It warms my heart, and I think to myself, "He sure does! How could he not love you little cuties?!" Ally will sing it the most readily. She emphasizes the words, "He is STRONG", "Loves Meeee", and "SO" (at the end). She tends to stay a little lower than the note I'm singing. Izzy is right on pitch, and Abby sails way above it, with the sweetest little shrill! There you have it! The Martin Triplet band... coming soon! Anytime we sing a song to them, they have to immediately run and get the item related to the song we're singing. For example, they have a book of Nursery Rhyme type songs, and if I start singing one of the songs from that book, they stop what they're doing, find the book, and turn to the page with the song on it, before we can continue. If I sing "The B-I-B-L-E" song, they run and get their little Bible, etc. Right now, they love the Alphabet song. Izzy can sing it pretty well all the way up to the letter G!

A little more about Izzy: She had her first hair cut a few weeks ago. She was so good thru the whole thing too! For some odd reason, I decided to tell her my name is Kami, and now she calls me "Kimmy" all the time. She knows I think it's funny, so she just runs up and down the hallway, yelling, "Kimmy, Kimmy, Kimmy!" She's been a lot less ornery lately, and has been a little sweet heart... even keeping the other two in line at times. She still gets into things when she's not supposed to, but I'm seeing a different side of her lately and she really likes to please her mommy.

Abby had her first hair cut along with Izzy, a few weeks ago. She was also good... though I was very surprised. I think it worked, because she got to watch Izzy have hers cut first, so she wasn't too afraid of it. She's getting a little more brave lately and loves to get her sisters' bellies! I love to watch it.... Ally will lay on the ground and Abby will lift up her shirt and blow on her belly to make her laugh. It is so cute! Abby is still pretty solemn in public, but at home she lets out the sweetest little giggles and smiles. She reserves her sweetness for those she loves the most.

Ally didn't have to get a hair cut with her sisters... she's getting more hair, but is still one of the baldest babies I've ever seen at almost 2 years old! Although she just has a little bit of blond hair, she pulls it off well and has such a beautiful, perfect little face. She is definitely the best talker of the 3, at this stage, and is probably the most comical to watch. She's always doing something funny. She's still quite the little cuddler and has even learned to manipulate people with her cuddles. If she's laying on me cuddling at night, and I say it's time for bed, she'll say, "stay mommy, stay mommy" and cuddle harder. It's worked quite a few times, I must say. Lately, Ally has been the fussiest of the 3 too. She's has the kind of personality where things have to be done just so, and if the other sisters are not playing like she wants them to play, she will throw a fit. I have no idea where she gets this trait ;)

A few cute things the girls have been doing: I taught them to shake their booties. They put their little hands on their knees, stick out their booties and shake shake shake! It's so cute. Also, they form a choo-choo train, by holding on to each other shirts and chugga chugga all over the house til they fall all over each other. People say they're so lucky to have each other to play with, and this is true... but they also constantly have each other to fight with! We still have a bite every now and then, but that's not happening as often as it was for a little while. At this point, it's usually just screaming and fussing at each other.

They're such little recorders lately! Everything I say, they repeat. Kind of a scary thing! If I call Matt, "honey", I'll hear another little voice in the background say, "honey". If I get on to one of the girls and yell their name, the others yell their name too! It's so funny.

For their upcoming 2nd birthday, we're going to have a pretty laid back family picnic in our back yard. I'm ordering a little bouncy castle  for the girls to jump in, and we'll have cupcakes and burgers... I was going to wait until we got in the new house, but that's looking like it'll be further out than I would like to put off their bday party.

Here are a few pics from this month:

Palm Sunday Picnic at our Church. Here's a pic of the girls holding hands and going to the toddler area to hunt eggs! (Abby, Izzy and Ally)

Abby hunting eggs
 Izzy hunting eggs
 Ally hunting eggs
 Abby jumping in the bouncy castle
 Ally jumping in the bouncy castle (Abby in the background)
 Izzy in the bouncy castle
 Izzy's first hair cut at my cousin Carrie's salon
 Abby's first hair cut.
 Easter Sunday - Ally, Abby and Izzy with cousins, Damon and Madison
 Easter Sunday was very rainy, so we hunted eggs in Meemaw and Papaw's bedroom. (Luckily, we had also hunted eggs on Palm Sunday when the weather was nice). Here's a pic of Abby gathering her eggs...
 Ally hunting eggs
 All 3 girls opened the eggs and began stuffing their face with the candy that was inside!
 My busy little bees... (Abby, Izzy and Ally)

Mother's Day, we went to my grandparent's house and ate lunch with some of my family. Here's a pic of Mamaw spinning and pushing the girls in one of her dining room chairs! What a fun Great Mamaw they have!

This is all I have for now... I have a feeling my next update will be just after their birthday, with pics from their little party!

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  1. I'm just getting time to read this and can't believe how big the girls have gotten! They are so cute and you are such a good mom!!