Abby, Izzy, Ally

Thursday, January 21, 2010

8 months old!

The girls are napping, so I thought I would update the blog on the latest...

They turned 8 months old this week! We went to the Dr. on Tuesday, and all girls are still doing great. Ally is in the 50th percentile for weight and 70th for height! Izzy and Abby are more around the 10th percentile for height/weight. Izzy has actually passed Abby in weight now, so the size order from biggest to smallest is: Ally, Izzy, Abby. Abby was the biggest at birth (5 lb. 5 oz), but is not a very big eater. Ally doesn't eat more than Izzy, but is a lot less active.

Here's the rundown on what they're doing:

Izzy is crawling and pulling up! I'll post some pics of this, so you can see how cute she is! She's such a little go-getter! She bonks her head a lot, but just keeps going. Sometimes she cries for a few seconds, but she's a tough little booger! She doesn't know her own strength yet, and I can't leave her alone with the other two or she'll pin them to the ground or poke their eyes out! If she sees something she wants, she just goes full force until she gets it. She's such a wiggle worm and hardly EVER sits still... except for the night feeding. At that point, she's worn out! Matt and I fight over who gets Izzy because it's so sweet to have her be so cuddly for a change! She still just has 2 bottom teeth and is a very happy baby.

Abby is still not sitting up well. She just doesn't put forth a lot of effort to do it, which doesn't really surprise me based on how she's been up to this point. We used to struggle with feeding her a bottle, because she wouldn't suck hard enough! She is going through a stage where she hates it when the adult leaves the room, which makes it very hard to get anything done. She's still very good with her hands and manipulating her toys, finger foods, etc... better than the other two babies. Matt calls her "lil doe" because she frightens easily and has big round eyes. I think we're going to have to stop calling her that because the other day, I called her name twice and when she ignored me, I said "lil doe" and she turned! She's going to think that's her name if we're not careful!

Ally still wants to be held all the time and still loves her pacifier. She's sitting up well and is still a very giggly, smiley baby. She now has two bottom teeth like her sisters. Matt lovingly calls her chubbers, which he won't be able to do too much longer. To be honest, she's a very normal-sized baby, but her sisters are so little, she looks chubby compared to them. She's started this terrible scream-cry when she doesn't get what she wants and is really testing my patience lately. When I'm able to, I let her scream it out so she doesn't keep this up, thinking she'll get what she wants everytime she does it. Don't get me wrong... her needs are met... just trying to avoid creating a beast!

I just started them on some finger foods this week with some cereal puffs that melt in the mouth easily. So far, most of the puffs end up on the floor, but it's fun to watch the girls use their little fingers and try to get them in their mouths! I'm not sure if I'm late starting finger foods, but I'm so scared of them choking and they're getting the nutrition they need, so I've put it off until now.

As for me, not too long ago, a friend offered me a job where I could work from home 10 hours a week and make a little extra money. The idea of it excited me, but after much thought and talking it over with Matt, I realized I didn't have the extra time to devote to a part-time job. Matt was like, "Do you have 10 extra hours a week?!" After almost taking the job, I realized, if I was going to make time for a job, I should be able to make some time for myself! It was like this whole new awakening for me! After this, I bought an elliptical machine and have started to take time to work out each day during the girls' morning nap. Granted, so far it's only been 2 days, but I'm pretty dedicated now that I spent the money! Anyway, I've also been trying to keep up with email and my blog better too. Anytime I try to use the girls as an excuse, I think... this is your job now... take better care of yourself!

Here are some recent pics of the girls:

Ally sitting in front of the house they got for Christmas.

Izzy pulling up on walker. Abby sitting in walker.

Ally in swing, Abby in walker, Izzy crawling on floor.

Matt and Izzy - isn't that cute! Abby playing on floor to the right.

Izzy, Abby and Ally- just back from Dr and getting pretty hungry!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that i LOVE their nicknames. My name is Izzabella (Izzy) my sisters name is Alexandra (Ally) and my youngest sisters name is Gabriella (Abby). I should this to my mom and we thought it was so cool that we all have the same nicknames :)

  2. Matt looks exhausted. I think us at 9 months is quite a bit different than you all were at 9 months.

    I don't know how you all did it, you're both amazing.