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Friday, August 28, 2009

Kami's song

My mom found this poem on the internet and it made me cry... thought I would share since it seems to fit so well!

It is the end of the day, three babies are sleeping
I sit in my chair, quietly weeping
I am not crying because I've had no sleep
Or three times the laundry is piled waist deep
I am not crying because I look three times the mess
Three times the spit up, part of my everyday stress
I am not crying because I've had no time at all
To soak in a bath or shop at the mall
Too tired to do dishes and forget even sweeping
I will sit in my chair and enjoy my weeping.

I am crying because it's the end of the day
Three babies are sleeping, it's quiet this way
It's time to look back on the way the day went
Three times the fun, look what heaven has sent
Sure it is hard, we knew from the start
But hard things get softened with extra love in our heart
Three little babies soft, cuddly and sweet
Six little hands, six little feet
Six little arms that hug me real tight
And three little mouths to kiss me goodnight
Three times the laughter and ten times the fun
I am so thankful for what Go has done
The joy that I feel as I watch my three sleep
Is what makes my heart ache, and makes my eyes weep.

r.j. koontz (with some minor changes by my mom, Paula)

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