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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2nd Entry:

Week 18

First of all, thank you for all the responses to the blog! I'm SO glad I started one...

At this point, I'm actually more than 1/2 way thru the pregnancy! The Dr. said we're shooting for the babies to be born anywhere from 32-34 weeks. He said, he will not let triplets go more than 36 weeks and compared this to 42 weeks in a Singleton pregnancy. My due date is June 23rd, but at 32-34 weeks, this will be anywhere from April 28th to May 12th. Again, this would be the best case scenario that we are praying for. Mothers with triplets tend to go into early labor more often than the average pregnancy. This is something that scares me, but I'm having faith that they will be healthy and strong when they come. This would definitely be a good thing to pray for specifically...

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good most of the time… something I hope to be saying for a long time to come! My allergies are still bad, but don't seem as terrible as they were a few weeks ago. I have an appointment with the Pulmonary Specialist on Feb. 5th because there are times when I almost feel like I'm developing asthma. The Dr. said my breathing is more difficult because of the increase in hormones (progesterone in particular), the uterus pushing up in my diaphram and the allergies. Either way, it's better to get this checked out, so I'm looking forward to that appointment. I haven't tried the neti pot that friends have suggested yet… but I do plan to try it out. I tire easily and try to limit my after-work activities to get the rest I need. Everything I read warns against doing too much and, with the way I'm feeling, it doesn't take much to convince me!

I am still working and haven't had any reasons to go on leave at this point. I have been feeling extremely tired in the afternoons…almost to the point of being unable to keep my head up or eyes open. When this happens, and I'm able, I make use of a Private room here at work. This room has a couch and comfortable chair and I'm able to go in, set my alarm, and snooze for about 30 minutes. Although, I wouldn't say I wake up feeling refreshed, It helps. I've also recently talked to my mananger about working from home 1 day a week. She's supposed to get back to me on her answer soon. I used to be able to work from home a lot, but the policy changed at the first of the year (great timing for me… ugh!) If she says yes, I think it would really help to prolong my ability to work.

As for the house, a plumber laid the groundwork for a bathroom and laundry area, but not a lot has been done since then. To be honest, it's hard not to stress about it getting done, but then I think back to all God has done for us up to this point and feel guilty for worrying. If I don't believe God will provide for me at this point, then I'm not paying attention! I think back to all He's done so far and feel much better. One example of many: Did you know that Matt got a raise and promotion to manager THE DAY AFTER we found out about the triplets… THE DAY AFTER!!! As for the shed in the back, we're paying for materials as we have the extra money, so we should be able to buy the remaining materials by this Friday. I plan to post pics of the progress on the house and shed soon… Probably on Saturday when there's daylight and I'm home to take them!

Everyone always asks us about names… we already have a few boy names we've decided on, but we're struggling with the girl names. Any suggestions are welcomed! I will put a poll of our favorite names on the blog and let the people (you) tell me what you think. I can't guarantee I'll listen (just ask my mom), but I still like the feedback!

More to come next week...



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  1. Well, of course, you already have a really cool name - Kami! You could use Camryn or Kamryn?!? LOL!

    You'll get tons of advice for names. If we'd have had a boy he would have been Cooper Layne.

    I have a friend who named her daughter Cassidy and I really like it as well.

    I'm glad you are hanging in there. You have so much support from your friends and family.

    I was reminding mom today about how much I slept during the first trimester with Courtney. I literally could NOT stay awake. I'm glad you have a place a work you can close your eyes for a few minutes.

    God is good Kami... and, he will keep taking care of you.